Updated June 29, 2020: Restructured list

The old point-and-click adventure genre fell into disuse and neglect following its early '90s golden period. Fans of the classic LucasArts adventures like Monkey Island were left to pine for a bygone age.

But the advent of smartphones and tablets, as well as a thriving indie game scene and online crowdfunding models, has seen the genre resurrected.

Not only resurrected, but often developed and spliced with other genres. There are some deeply interesting point-and-click adventure games out there that play with time and narrative conventions in bold new ways.

The following 25 games are all over the map in tone, setting, length and complexity. But they all take you on a rollicking good adventure.

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It delivers heavily on atmosphere, with a compelling story set against an eerie backdrop that keeps you constantly wondering what's around the next corner. Meridian 157 never shies away from challenging its players either, offering a variety of ingenious and intricately designed puzzles that's sure to keep you immersed in this impressive point and click adventure game.

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