Original list by Matt Thrower, Nov 21 '16, Updated by Jupiter Hadley (November 24rd, 2020)

If there's one downside to the explosion of mobile gaming, it's the insularity of the experience.

Headphones in, eyes down, brain fully engaged. At this point, you're often cut adrift from the rest of humanity, a digital explorer blazing through your own little fantasy world.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Mobile devices are light and flat - ideal for passing around or for plonking in the middle of a table for all to see.

Often, it's easier to have a bunch of pass and play games on your phone or tablet, passing them around the table and using them to keep everyone engaged and entertained.

A mobile gaming session can, therefore, be every bit as sociable as a home console session on a big screen. Here are ten games to show you how it's done.