A month or two back the PSP looked set for a real revival, but considering the big Christmas push ought to be in full thrape right now, the industry's gone decidedly PSP quiet. Eurogamer spoke to Atari's president Phil Harrison at the company's global showcase last week, noticing it had no announcements to make regarding forthcoming PSP support.

Harrison (who helped launch the PSP in a previous incarnation) was very positive about Sony's system, however, suggesting that Atari was more interested in creating downloadable content for the PSP rather than physical media.

"There is no doubt that PSP is a very vibrant platform from a hardware perspective and I think Sony has recently made some good moves into opening up online distribution for software on PSP, so I'm looking to explore that," he said.

Harrison is well known for advocating online distribution as the future of gaming, and considering Atari has been forging itself an iPhone presence with Super Breakout, Missile Command and now Centipede, it does seem logical that it'd be pursuing a similar tact with the PSP.

Either that, or it's waiting to see if Sony can turn the console around after yet another long dry spell for big name PSP games...