Arena Breakout is soon hosting a global closed beta test with a new map and events

Arena Breakout is soon hosting a global closed beta test with a new map and events
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MoreFun Studios Group announced it was working on a new FPS title for mobile called Arena Breakout, back in August 2021. Since then, the team has held a few rounds of beta testing, with the most recent taking place last November. A global launch seems imminent this year, but before that, it’s time for yet another closed beta test.

Arena Breakout’s next CBT will be held in multiple countries as opposed to the Oceania region like last time. This will be a bigger test than previous as the game goes global in terms of supported regions, with several language options to cater to everyone as well. Below are the countries where the CBT will take place, but only for Android users:

  • February 17th – Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, United Kingdom, United States
  • March 9th – Brazil, Indonesia, Japan

iOS users shouldn’t feel left out, though. They will be able to experience all the Arena Breakout action as well as a closed beta test will be held on that platform in March. No dates have been announced yet, but we should know soon enough.

The primary goal of this round of testing is to showcase to everyone, Arena Breakout’s latest map, called Armory. This will be supported by a few events too. Since the game boasts high-resolution graphics with console-like sounds and visuals, it’s bound to be tasking on mobiles. So, the developers are also introducing a Lite version of the app that will be supported by many more devices.

If you haven’t heard about the game, Arena Breakout is an FPS game inspired heavily by Escape from Tarkov. It is a looter shooter that takes players into the Dark Zone through which they must fight their way out. Like Tarkov, it is high-risk high reward as dying in-game means the entire cache is lost and must be rebuilt.

Sign-up for Arena Breakout’s closed beta test by visiting the official website.

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