Arena Breakout has finally released Season 4: Into the Fog of War

A wild Bruce Lee appears with some words of wisdom for everyone

Arena Breakout has finally released Season 4: Into the Fog of War
  • Season 4 releases with a refreshed Valley map
  • New 12v12 faction battle mode added
  • New assault rifles and submachine guns introduced

MoreFun Studios has just dropped a massive announcement for Arena Breakout as the highly anticipated Season 4: Into the Fog of War has released. Get ready to dive into the heart of the conflict as you explore a redesigned Valley map alongside an enhanced weapons arsenal. Keep an eye out for Bruce Lee as well, who joins the shooter in a surprise collab.

In the latest season of Arena Breakout, tensions between the rival factions of Blackgold and Gresk have reached a boiling point. A fierce onslaught erupts in Northridge over the capture of a mysterious scientist with ties to a top-secret underground lab beneath the TV station. Randall Fisher, Fred, and Porrero are ready to lead the charge and it’s up to you to figure out how to navigate through this chaos.

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Prepare to engage in epic 12v12 faction battles as the conflict between the rivals finds its way into the Valley map. Explore the new Norteño Court construction near the RV Camp and encounter overhauled versions of the Small Factory and Port. Make your way onto the cliffs which is the perfect place to flex your sniping skills.

In addition, the update introduces a fresh arsenal of weapons to the Dark Zone. Equip yourself with the versatile T951 and T03 assault rifles Bizon and TS5 submachine guns that excel at close range. You can also customise your guns with various materials and accessories to pack an even greater punch.

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And to top it all off, the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee joins the fray as well. He has a message for everyone in the form of signed postcards distributed all over Kamona. Collect these tokens of wisdom and try to escape the Dark Zone. It’s up to you to decide how Bruce Lee's legacy will influence your journey.

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