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Arena Breakout maps - Loot and spawn locations

Arena Breakout maps - Loot and spawn locations

Learn about loot and spawn locations in our guide that will explain every Arena Breakout map that's out so far

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With the release of Arena Breakout's latest season, new weapons, fresh bosses, and tons of new loot goodies have been added to the game. Titled “Enter The Vault,” Season 3 also brought along a new map - the TV Station. That means Arena Breakout now has six maps in total l-  six locations for players to infiltrate, loot, and escape.

With the number of maps growing with every update, we’ve put together an Arena Breakout maps guide. In this guide, we’ll pinpoint the loot-heavy locations and all spawn points of the six maps. While this guide will be especially helpful for beginners, veterans can also benefit from this and learn about the newer maps (Port & TV Station).

But first, a quick look at how and when every Arena Breakout map unlocks. The new ones have some prerequisites that players should know about:

  • Farmland: It’s the first map that unlocks as soon as you complete (or skip) the tutorial.
  • Valley: To unlock “The Valley” map in Arena Breakout, players must reach Level 8.
  • Northridge: This is the biggest map in Arena Breakout. Players must reach Level 11 to unlock and play the Northridge map.
  • Armory: Armory unlocks when players reach Level 16. However, to enter this map, players must have at least 80,000 Koen worth of gear. Plus, players also have to pay a 15,000 Koen entry fee.
  • Port: Season 2 brought the smallest map of Arena Breakout. It unlocks when players reach Level 13.
  • TV Station: The newest map, a multi-story TV Station, reigned over by THREE new bosses. Like Armory, players must be at Level 16, have gear valued at 80,000 Koen or higher, and pay a 12,000 Koen entry fee.
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Farm map Farm, also known as Farmland, has 12 spawn points and 4 high-loot locations. While the spawn points are in pretty safe positions, the loot locations are riddled with bots and other players. Moreover, two of the four loot locations are also the spawn points of the Farm boss, Ajax.
Farm Spawn Locations
The 12 spawn points of Farm are evenly spread in the eastern and western parts of the map. You can see all of them pointed out in the image above. Here are all Arena Breakout Farm spawn locations:
  1. West of Trading Post - Western Side
  2. Inside Trading Post - Western Side
  3. South of Trading Post - Western Side
  4. Southwest Farm - Western Side
  5. Near Cliff Road - Western Side
  6. Artificial Lake- Western Side
  7. Villas - Eastern Side
  8. Edge of North Wheatfield - Eastern Side
  9. Loading Area - Eastern Side
  10. Inside Storage - Eastern Side
  11. North of Storage - Eastern Side
  12. Lower East - Eastern Side
Farm Loot Locations
  • Storage: Also called the Main Warehouse, the Storage to the far-right on the Farm has plenty of loot lying around. There are 2 spawn locations near storage.
  • Motel: The Motel is a hot zone of Farmland. It’s full of dangers and full of high-value loot. Expect to find the best armor and weapons in there as well as some keys. But don’t hang about for too long.
  • Stables: The second hot zone is the same. Purple items, keys, high-grade armor - there’s a lot to contest for in Stables. There’s a guaranteed safe in the barn as well.
  • South Wheatfield Hut: Scour the two floors for some cash and purple items. These towers also have a high chance of key spawns.


Valley map Valley is split into a Northern and Southern part by a huge mountain. It also has a bigger area and a more complex, open terrain compared to the Farm. But you can loot a lot if you know where to look. And that’s exactly what we’re telling you.
Valley Spawn Locations
Similar to Farm, the Valley also has 12 spawn locations, mostly dropping players at the far edges of the map. However, a couple of spawn points are fairly central:
  1. Frontline Position - North
  2. Supply Camp - North
  3. Between Small Factory and Eastern Farmland - North
  4. Frontline Position - On the mountain
  5. Radar Station - On the mountain
  6. Between RV Camp and Crash Canyon - On the mountain
  7. Edge of Southern spawn
  8. Port - South
  9. Pino Radio Station - South
  10. Edge of Northeastern spawn
  11. Edge of Southeastern spawn
  12. Easternmost spawn
Valley Loot Locations
  • Beach Villa: The sole hot zone of the Valley is full of intelligent NPCs and valuable loot.
  • Port: There’s a storage room in the Port that is relatively easy to get to. Some valuable items are hidden in the suitcases and the various crates lying around.
  • Radar Station: For some keys and some medical supplies, the Radar Station is worth a look. Definitely check out the security room.
  • Small Factory: As you would hope, the Small Factory has a lot of stuff. You can find a free safe, an advanced weapons case, and more!
  • RV Camp: A detour to the RV Camp is a must to pick up some drinks and food supplies.


Northridge map The biggest map in Arena Breakout is divided into two parts. It has a west side and an east side. Both sides have an equal number of spawn points each. As for high-loot areas, there are quite a few safes and keys to be found in Northridge. Let’s start with a list of spawn locations, though.
Northridge Spawn Locations
There are 16 spawn locations on the Northridge map- 8 on the west side and 8 on the east. Apart from a couple of central points on the east side, most of the spawn points are on the map’s edges. Here are the spawn location names:
  1. Southwest Forest - West
  2. Water Tower - West
  3. Observation Tower - West
  4. Parking Lot - West
  5. Near the bus terminal - West
  6. 2 spawn points at the Western edge of the map
  7. Highway Tunnel - East
  8. North Village - East
  9. Southern Village - East
  10. Near the Observation Deck - East
  11. Near the Lake - East
  12. Near the Dam - East
  13. Abandoned Shack - East
  14. Northeastern edge of the map

See the image above to see the exact spawn locations of the Northridge map.

Northridge Loot Locations
  • Northern Mountain Resort: Also known as the Northridge Hotel, this resort is the biggest hot zone/resource point of Arena Breakout. It has four buildings full of weapons, grenades, clothes, and more. BUT! BOSSES guard them all!
  • Sewage Treatment Plant: The sewage plant might be the smaller hot zone, but you can find multiple regular safes and advanced weapons cases there.
  • Smaller Low-Loot Locations: Locations like the Bus Terminal and the Communication Station also have some decent resources. No safes, though.


img src="" alt="Armory map"> Armory is a relatively smaller map with just EIGHT locations. The danger zone is also called the Armory and it’s the best location for valuable loot. However, we all know what else the danger zones are known for. So, it’s best to go through the other resource points before heading to the Armory. Here’s a look at the spawn points and the best loot locations of Armory.
Armory Spawn Locations
There are 8 spawn locations in Armory- 3 on the western side, four on the eastern side, and 1 very central to the map.

  1. 2 spawn locations on each side of the Barn - West
  2. Shooting Range - West
  3. Radar Station - Center of the map
  4. Eastern edge of the Armory - outside the danger zone
  5. Outside the Gas Station - East
  6. 2 spawn locations on the Eastmost edge

Armory Loot Locations
  • Barn: Farm ammos and other low-tier resources in the Barn if you spawn near it.
  • Gas Station: There’s a safe on the second floor of the gas station, along with plenty more valuables.
  • Field Hospital: For medical supplies, give a quick visit to the hospital. Fill up your bags and head for the Armory
  • Armory: If you spawn near the armory, make an early run for the most valuable loot on the map.

Guoyapos Bay Port

Guoyapos Bay Port It’s more commonly known as Port and it’s the smallest map of Arena Breakout. Despite the small and congested setting, it has 16 spawn locations. Moreover, some spawn points are very close to one another so on-spawn deaths are common in Port.
Port Spawn Locations
  1. 5 spawn locations in and around the Twilight Apartment buildings
  2. Near the Parking Lot
  3. South-southeastern edge of the map
  4. Post Office
  5. Shorewind Lane
  6. Construction Site
  7. Outside cafeteria
  8. Department Store
  9. Western edge of the map
  10. 3 spawn locations on the Western edge of the map
Port Loot Locations
  • 3 Danger Zones: Cafeteria, Port Authority, and the Twilight Apartment building are the 3 hot zones of the Port map. Safes, advanced weapons, ammo, medical supplies- you’ll find everything in these locations.
  • Post Office: The post office is a spawn point as well. If you spawn here, scour the building to open up some cases. Who knows what you might get!
  • Shorewind Lane: Another spawn point where you can find enough resources to ready yourself for a raid on the nearest danger zone- Port Authority.

TV Station

TV Station map The TV Station is the latest and, arguably, the most difficult map of the dark zone yet! It has 12 spawn locations spread over SIX main locations. Every location is pointed out in the image above. It's also full of first and second-tier loot. Here's a list of all spawn points followed by a list of high-loot locations.

TV Station Spawn Locations
  1. Parking Lot
  2. 2 spawn locations in the Logistics Area
  3. Office Area
  4. Rest Area stairs
  5. Lobby
  6. Warehouse Area
  7. Set-up Area
  8. 3 Spawn points in the Photography Area
  9. Stairs outside the Exhibition corridor
TV Station Loot Locations
The entry fee is high but the rewards in TV Stations are higher. One proper raid in the TV Station can make you rich! Here are the locations to focus on:
  • Central Control: The hub of the TV Station has the most supplies. There are THREE safes in different parts of Central Control.
  • Warehouse & Set-up Area: These two areas are next to one another and are full of computer parts, accessories, and weapon cases. There’s an electronic safe in the set-up area too.
  • Photography Area: Multiple safes and many valuable supplies are lying around in the Photography Area.
  • Office Area: Behind the locked doors of the Office area, there are premium supplies and a safe.
  • Logistics Area: You’ll find safes and tons of medical supplies in the Logistics Area. It’s best to swipe these up before heading for more crowded areas.

You can also get some supplies for free by using Arena Breakout codes.
We hope this guide for Arena Breakout maps, spawn and loot locations will help you develop better strategies and come out with better loot. Stay tuned for more guides.

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