Archero heroes get a broad range of new buffs in latest minor update

Now's the best time to hop back in

Archero heroes get a broad range of new buffs in latest minor update
| Archero
  • Archero, the bullet heaven game, is getting a new sweep of mini-buffs
  • Heroes like Blazo, Taigo and Ryan are getting some buffs
  • You can check out some of our guides and hop back in at the perfect time to enjoy Archero

Roguelike top-down shooter Archero is getting a sweep of new mini-buffs to a variety of characters in the latest update. As we spotted on the game's iOS version history, you'll be glad to find out certain underrated characters like Blazo, Taigo and Ryan are getting a bit of an overhaul.

If you haven't heard of Archero already, it's a roguelike shooter that's sort of similar to bullet heaven games like Brotato and Vampire Survivors. Although in Archero's case, there's a lot more hands-on aiming and shooting than in those games.

Archero is no different. You play as a lone archer slowly honing your skills as you take down hordes of enemies. And while the latest buffs are mainly for the PvP mode Hero Duel, it's still enough for us to remind you that this game is worth a go.

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Shoot for the stars or something

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