How to play Archero, the latest free mobile roguelike

| Archero
How to play Archero, the latest free mobile roguelike

Archero has a lot of weapons, and enemies to take down with them

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Mobile is a great place to find all kinds of simple and charming games, and one you need to play now is absolutely Archero.

In Archero, you play as an archer who is tasked with delving into dungeons and destroying hordes on monsters. You know, the usual business.

This game is incredibly simple to learn, but tough to master, and is incredibly rewarding. It's worth your time to download and play, but before that, read through these tips so you know everything you need in order to progress fast and beat down enemies.

Stop, shoot, move


The mechanics of Archero are simple, and yet that's why the game is so very addictive and satisfying.

All you need is a single thumb to operate the digital analogue stick, and you're golden. You either move, or you let go and stand still. That is the grand total of your interaction with the game, and it works magnificently.

You move solely to dodge projectiles, and better position yourself for attacks. That's it. When you let go, you start attacking instantly, as fast as possible. As first it seems simple, but the difficulty quickly racks up.

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This is a roguelike, so each time you attempt your run things will go differently. A variety of power ups will be introduced, giving you the ability to shoot more projectiles, have more health, and other cool effects.

You can of course become more skilled at the relatively simple mechanics, but more than anything your progression is kind of dictated by which power ups you'll receive. You just have to get lucky, basically.

So it can be a game of try, try, and try again, but when everything comes together it's just wonderful.

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Permanent progress

This may be a roguelike, but you can make permanent progress through the game. You earn experience which will level up your character, and allow you to enhance your base stats.

This is great, and you'll also be unlocking new levels once you reach certain thresholds.

So although roguelikes traditionally send you right back to the beginning, as long as you invest in your base skills, you always feel like you're moving forward.

More projectiles

The biggest choices you need to deal with in Archero are choosing which skills to progress with.

Basically, the very best upgrades you can choose are the ones which result in more projectiles coming from you. Bounce them off walls, ricochet them off enemies, spit them out in more directions, all of it.

These upgrades will help you destroy enemies incredibly quickly. The other good upgrades are the ones which allow to regenerate health in battle.

Essential equipment

When your done in the levels, you can get upgrades for your character, including new armour and weapons.

Weapons have different speeds, strengths and other variables, which might give you pause for thought and change your game plan.

You can also get rings which make you more formidable against grounded, flying, and other types of opponents. Good for certain stages or enemies you struggle against.

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