Archero: Tips to help you become an arrow marksman

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Archero: Tips to help you become an arrow marksman

Run, take aim, conquer.

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Archero is one of the most popular archery based games on mobile, with millions of downloads worldwide. The game is pretty straight forward. You head into different levels and need to survive each one. You'll use a bow & arrow to take down your foes. 

As you might expect, the more you progress, the tougher it gets. But it's a rapid-fire kind of experience that's great if you want to get a quick gaming fix in. At the same time, it's also fun for the hardcore mobile gamer as well. 

The combat is fairly satisfying considering how simplified the game can seem. It always feels good bringing down those enemy health bars and watching them get destroyed. You'll feel like the archery hero you've always wanted to be (that was your dream, right?). But here are a few tips to remember when traversing the levels. 

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Let the automatic shots help you

In Archero, arrows are fired for you when you play through. It's something that you'll see in other mobile games too, but it always comes in handy. So take advantage of this as much as you can. You'll be able to be more aggressive with your play.

Not saying to go crazy, but there is a comfort knowing that you don't need to worry about pulling the string yourself. Your main focus is to keep moving and let the arrows flow on their own. Try to keep your distance, but don't be afraid to get a bit closer if you need to.

And playing with automatic arrows is fun because it's such a cool spectacle seeing them release at such a rapid pace. Just be sure to aim at your targets. Your character will change direction automatically if you get close enough to a foe. Whichever one is closest is the one he'll shoot at.

Work on your dodging

Yes, there's nothing wrong with being a bit aggressive out there, but this means that you need to be able to dodge well also. In the beginning, it's pretty easy, but after a while, more enemies will try and wallop you at the same time.

Make sure to keep moving and watch out for any projectiles. If it seems a bit overwhelming, then just watch any shots fired from enemies and don't focus on the foes themselves. See where they fly and dodge at the right time.

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It's very easy to look at the enemies, but keeping an eye on the projectiles will allow you to dodge with ease. Let your automatic arrows do their job while avoiding danger. The game can sometimes be as much about quick reactions as it is about destroying enemies with arrows.

Take advantage of abilities

In Archero, you will have the chance to choose between three different abilities throughout your adventure. You'll have this opportunity right from the jump too. The powers vary and are at random, so just go with one that you feel will be most helpful.

They don't last forever, but you will be able to choose another ability at later levels. These can really help turn the tide in battle. From poison arrows to multi-shot powers, there are some good, solid options to choose from and you can't go wrong with any of them.

These will especially come in handy if you're about to head into a boss battle. You just have to hope that you'll have the chance to choose an ability again, or that you still have some juice left in your current power before taking on the boss. If not, then that's OK, but certainly having these abilities can help in any situation so select one and have fun with it.

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