Apple boasts big AI-powered features for accessibility

Vocal shortcuts and more are coming to your Apple devices

Apple boasts big AI-powered features for accessibility
  • Apple's new raft of accessibility features offers some major changes
  • Haptic feedback, eye-tracking and more could improve the gaming experience for many
  • Despite some waffle about AI and machine learning, this isn't new tech

Apple is set to roll out a host of new accessibility features for the iPhone, including haptic feedback for music, eye-tracking and more. As you can see in the company's official press release, this looks to be coming purely to iPhone and iPad, and while a lot of these would integrate and work well with games, we're yet to see any news on whether that'll be the case.

Eye-tracking is probably the biggest thing, as it allows users to navigate their iPhone and iPad with just their eyes, intended to help out those who might have physical disabilities. Haptic feedback for music meanwhile adds a host of vibrations and other physical effects to enhance music listening. There's also stuff like vehicle motion cues, accessibility features for visionOS and more.

Pretty cool overall A screenshot of an Apple iPhone using voice-prompts.

While Apple CEO Tim Cook waffles on about AI and machine learning and whatnot, many of these features are things we've seen before but are being added en-masse to the iPhone. While the major benefit first and foremost will be for those who need these features to comfortably use their devices, we'll be excited to see how things like haptic feedback for music and vehicle motion cues might improve the gaming experience for many.

You can check out all the accessibility features in detail from Apple's press release linked above.

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