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Apex Legends Mobile officially launches on mobile with its first season featuring a new character

Apex Legends Mobile officially launches on mobile with its first season featuring a new character

The wait is over as Apex Legends Mobile has finally launched on Android and iOS after years of waiting. Built from the ground up, this battle royale is the most ambitious yet, promising players a proper AAA FPS experience. Apex’s mobile port will feature all the excellence its PC and console counterparts have, the fast-paced combat, strategic gameplay, stunning graphics, and a slight twist to set this version apart. Thanks to the portability of mobiles, Apex Legends Mobile can now be played anywhere and at any time.

Prior to launch, Respawn revealed a cinematic trailer that featured a news forecast showcasing an Apex Legends match between popular characters like Mirage, Bangalore, Gibraltar, Mozambique, Wraith, and more, with Mirage taking the cake. The trailer, however, ended with a glimpse at an upcoming character who is about to wreak havoc in this world.

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Speaking about their vision for the game, Giovanni Ducati, Head of Apex Legends Mobile said: “From the start on Apex Legends Mobile, we’ve had the competitive mobile gamer in mind, so we knew we couldn’t just simply port Apex Legends over to iOS and Android. We had to build Apex Legends Mobile from the ground up, to create a mobile experience that was not only as fast, intense, and innovative as the original Apex Legends, but was also a new and unique experience full of new mobile first content that stands on its own.”

The new character has been revealed to be Fade, a powerful super-soldier using futuristic technology. He has made good use of the gear he has to create phase-shifting technology that makes him a formidable player. His tactical ability will reset him to an earlier point in the encounter while his ultimate boosts offensive and defensive gameplay.

Apex Legends Mobile also sees the launch of Season 1: Prime Time Battle Pass which features numerous cosmetics. The Seasonal Shop will build onto that. Finally, players can also take part in a variety of game modes, regional content, and loads more.

Download Apex Legends Mobile now for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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