Apex Legends Mobile's next beta test will commence in September

Respawn has announced to release the next beta of Apex Legends Mobile next month

Apex Legends Mobile's next beta test will commence in September

If you follow updates on Apex Legends Mobile closely, then you're probably aware that the 3rd beta of Apex Legends Mobile has just concluded. Respawn has already revealed details about the next upcoming beta of Apex Legends Mobile, which is scheduled to release in September 2021.

Apex Legends Mobile next beta to release in September 2021

Respawn took to Twitter to announce that they will be releasing a new beta version of Apex Legend Mobile in September 2021. The exact date of the beta launch has not been announced yet. But going by the previous launch date of the betas, we expect it to arrive between mid to the end of September. This time the Apex Legends Mobile beta will be released in the following countries:

  • Egypt
  • Turkey
  • Mexico
  • Colombia
  • Peru

In addition to these countries, the beta will also be available to the players from India, the Philippines, and other countries that have participated in the previous betas for Apex Legends Mobile.

However, last time, Respawn also announced that the beta would be released in the countries mentioned above, but instead, as a surprise, it was released in Hong Kong. So, we can’t rule out the potential for any last-minute changes. But we will make sure to update you guys if any such thing happens.

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How can you get your hands on the upcoming Apex Legends Mobile beta?

Respawn has now started taking pre-registration for Apex Legends Mobile in the countries where the upcoming beta is scheduled to launch. If you reside in any of those places, then head to Google Play to pre-register for the game the and when the beta will launch, you will be notified. However, since it will be a beta, only a limited number of players with compatible devices will get access to the device.

For other players, you can play the beta by downloading and installing the APK file of Apex Legends Mobile and using a VPN after the beta is launched. We have already published a step-by-step guide on how to do it. Make sure to check it out; the guide will come in handy.