Apex Legends Mobile: Will it support cross-platform play?

Will the mobile players be able to play alongside their friends on PC and Console? Let's find out.

Apex Legends Mobile: Will it support cross-platform play?

Apex Legends Mobile is currently in beta and is expected to launch globally by the end of the year. But the question of the hour is, Will the game support cross-platform play?

Will Apex Legends Mobile support Cross-platform play?

Unfortunately, Apex Legends Mobile will not support cross-platform play. Respawn, and EA have officially confirmed thisChad Grenier, the Game Director, said that because Apex Legends Mobile is being built especially for mobile, it won't feature cross-play with the console or PC versions of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Mobile cross platform play

What does it actually mean?

It means that Apex Legends Mobile is to be treated as a completely different game from its PC and Console counterparts. Apex Legends Mobile takes its inspiration from the original game, but at the same time, it has some distinct features, such as a different battle pass, TPP mode, and exclusive skins. The mobile version is also expected to receive unique content, including new weapons and even new maps in the future.

If you are still confused, then you can take the example of PUBG and PUBG Mobile. Both the PC and Mobile versions of PUBG are independent games with unique content. The ranking system in PUBG Mobile, the battle pass, and even maps like Livik are unique content only available on the game's mobile version and not on the PC or Console version. 

Though, PC and Mobile players can play together using Emulators

However, it is important to note that players can still use Emulators like Bluestacks and LD player to play Apex Legends Mobile, and then they can play alongside their friends on mobile devices. While emulator players have no restrictions stopping them from playing the game, they are banned from any Mobile Esports Events.

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