Apex Legends Mobile to begin closed beta test in more territories next month

Apex Legends Mobile to begin closed beta test in more territories next month

Respawn will be releasing Apex Legend Mobile’s closed beta test to more territories sometime in the next few weeks.

This was announced in a tweet made on the official Respawn Twitter account, which named Indonesia, Peru, Colombia, Egypt and Lebanon as the next regions to be able to access the Apex Legends Mobile closed beta test. The game has previously been made available in India and the Philippines.

Respawn hasn’t given a solid release date for when to expect these closed beta tests to launch, except that it will appear on mobile storefronts in those territories at some point “in a few weeks”.

Apex Legends has received a big buzz on PC and console ever since it first released back in 2019. When it was first announced for mobile, discussions were had that it could be a strong title to add to the mobile battle royale market, with EA emphasising its mechanics differed from many of its rivals.

With its expansion to these new regions, EA and Respawn expects more feedback to come from players that will help to shape the game into the type of experience it needs to be. Since the game was announced a while back, we can only assume it wants to be patient with the title to ensure it becomes a hit on mobile.

Other than that, we still don’t know when Apex Legends Mobile will receive a full launch. It’s possible it may happen before the end of this year, but the staggered releases of each beta location means EA may want to stagger it out to ensure it’s not rushed out.

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