Another Eden is celebrating its 7th anniversary with a brand new milestone update

Dive into the new episode, A Paradise of Imperfections

Another Eden is celebrating its 7th anniversary with a brand new milestone update
  • New episode A Paradise of Imperfections goes live
  • Galliard is now a 5-star character
  • Several 7th-anniversary campaigns and encounters will be available

After last week’s announcement, WFS has finally released the latest update for Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Space and Time, which celebrates the title’s seventh anniversary. The popular JPRG with over 15 million downloads under its belt is turning seven with the version 3.6.50 update, which brings a whole host of new content including the highly anticipated episode, A Paradise of Imperfections.

Another Eden’s milestone update introduces the new episode, A Paradise of Imperfections, which continues the captivating story from the previous episode, called The Closed-off Open World and the Azure Rebel. Tension is brewing between the synths and humans as there is a sect of individuals who want to live peacefully, while others want to rebel. Professor Chronos’ hidden legacy will have long-lasting implications in this tale.

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The episode will also transform a powerful character into an even stronger one. Galliard will now be a five-star hero, allowing him to reach an even higher potential. One of the most exciting additions in the update is the transformation of Galliard into a 5-star character, unlocking new potential for this beloved hero. You need to collect Starcharts by clearing post-story content to get your hands on Stellar Awakening Gilliard.

In addition, the 7th Anniversary Campaign will grant up to 7,000 Chronos Stones to everyone. All you need to do is regularly log into the game and complete a few tasks. Those who complete the new episode and its predecessor will be awarded 2,000 Chronos Stones as well. You’ve got up to May 21st to rake in all the goodies.

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But the celebrations don't stop there. Another Eden is also hosting a series of special encounters, including the Guiding Star Encounter 7th Anniversary and the Star Dream Encounter 7th Anniversary, alongside a bunch of Fateful Encounters. It’s a great opportunity to pick up new heroes using paid Chronos Stones.

Download Another Eden now and celebrate the JRPG’s seventh anniversary.

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