Another Eden concludes latest chapter and adds new maps, rewards, and login bonuses for players

Another Eden concludes latest chapter and adds new maps, rewards, and login bonuses for players
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Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space is launching a special campaign to celebrate the release of the final chapter of Mythos “Song of Sword and Wings of Lost Paradise”. The popular RPG from WFS adds a new Another Style for Thilelille, as well as login bonuses, a 5-star character, and more upgrades for the Ver. 2.7.900 update.

On top of this, players can expect a new Another Dungeon and new areas. To showcase more about the exciting developments in Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space, a special behind-the-scenes interview with Mythos lead Takeru Sakurada is available on the official website.

As for the login bonuses, players will receive Chronos Stones x50 from July 14th to July 26th, plus a treasure chest that will give away one green key and one red key in the Spacetime Rift daily. Throughout the campaign, the game is also giving away increased achievement rewards for players who complete the final chapter. Clearing Mythos: Song of Sword and Wings of Lost Paradise will reward you with a Luring Shadow Drop that lets you encounter a 5-star Shadow character. Be sure to use it before it expires on October 31st.

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From July 15th to August 5th, a limited time 2000 Chronos Stone package and a limited time 4000 Chronos Stone package will be available to purchase twice in the shop. There are tons of other awesome content rewards you can receive during the campaign, making sure that the already enjoyable title will keep players entertained even after the chapter closes.

You can download Another Eden on the App Store and on Google Play as a free-to-play game with in-app purchases, or catch the YouTube clip embedded above to watch the trailer for the riveting tale.

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