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Anime Warriors tier list - Pick the best fighter

Anime Warriors tier list - Pick the best fighter

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Updated on June 20th, 2023 - We have decided to retire this article, there won't be any further updates.

Anime Warriors has become the most notable gacha-style combat game to land on the Roblox Platform. Like most titles in the gacha genre, it has a large roster of playable characters. As a result, many new players are unaware of the potential of most heroes since they have to grind for a long time to spin and unlock them all. So, since you are new to Anime Warriors and wish to know how your characters stack up against other players, check our most recent Anime Warriors tier list of all available characters.


Anime Warriors is a game that requires you to strategise when it comes to picking your team. This means constantly switching between the characters that can be used in battle and choosing which ones are best for any given situation. Therefore, to help you find out which character is worth your attention and resources, this tier list was created.

We have tried to make sure that our tier list is as accurate as possible, but it is still just a guide and not an absolute truth. Make sure to check our Anime Warriors codes guide as well while you're at it!

Original article by Alina Novichenko. Updated by Mihail Katsoris. 
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At the very top of the Anime Warrior tier list are the best characters in the game. They have very strong stats and health, which makes them very good at attacking and defending. They also have skills that can help you win battles easily by taking down your enemy's base or destroying it.

  • Blazing Hearts Rengo (Rengoku Kyojuro)
  • Broky (Broly)
  • Gojo
  • Dio
  • Jotoro (Jotaro)
  • Mihoku (Mihawk)
  • Trafalgar Law
  • Uraha (Urahara Kisuke)
  • Vergol (Vergil)
  • Killua

Blazing Heart Rengo

Getting Blazing Heart Rengoku takes time, but it's worth it - he's a top-notch character who is very good in combat. He deals powerful attacks over a huge area. In order for the attack to be more potent, Rengoku needs some time to build up his strength, but it's clearly worth the wait.


Uraha's playstyle is widely varied, switching from aggressive to defensive in an instant while using his Shunpo Step and ranged missiles to swirl around your opponents. Always make sure you have the dominant position in combat and change up your alternatives against attackers.


The A tier is a group of characters who are usually considered to be top tier. They are generally the strongest and most effective in battle, but they can also be difficult to use because they require more attention than other classes.

  • Akazo (Akaza)
  • Wano Zorui
  • Kiritoe (Kirito)
  • Madera (Madara)
  • Giornoe
  • Narumaki (Naruto)
  • Rengo (Rengoku Kyojuro)
  • The 4th (Namikaze Minato)
  • Vejita
  • Jet Stream Sam


One of the strongest characters out there. During PVP, he has no equal. While he's using his Rasenshuriken ability, the opponent takes no damage but is still carried away from the hero. In PVE, he is not much different - his Rasenshuriken can take out any boss in the game. Bosses that normally have armour to survive can still be killed by such a strong technique. Overall, he is a great character with almost no weaknesses.


Madera is just a great character for PVE and PVP modes. With a huge range and abilities that deal a lot of damage, Madera can be described as one of the best of his kind. The only problem is the large cooldown. Half of his moves are AOE. Madera is one of the best characters currently available in the game.

The 4th

Despite being a 5 Star, the 4th is undoubtedly one of the coolest characters in Anime Warriors. In both PvE and PvP, it overcomes almost every other character. The 4th's PvP talents are not to be underestimated since he carries Three Combo-Starters. Time-Space Rasengan, for instance, has the ability to Combo-Extend and cause huge damage. Substitution is counter to The 4th, as he only has two strong destructive moves. Time-Space Rasengan and Odama Rasengan deal 30 and 30.5 damage respectively.

The 4th, on the other hand, is equally effective in PvE because of his two mobility techniques, Blink Flash and Yellow Flash, which may be used to gain distance from opponents.


B tier characters are strong, but not as strong as A tier characters. They have a good amount of HP and attack power. This is the tier of characters with the best balance between strengths and weaknesses. These characters have a narrow focus, but they are still useful in the right situations. This is not the best tier for beginners because there is no character who can carry you through everything.

  • Endeva (Endeavor)
  • Avdol
  • Goora (Gaara of the Desert)
  • Kashidori (Hatake Kakashi)
  • Mighty (Toshinori Yagi)
  • Natsu (Natsu Dragneel)
  • Sazuke (Uchiha Sasuke)
  • Zenitzu (Agatsuma Zenitsu)
  • Tanjiru
  • Kashidori
  • Freezer
  • Teen Sazuke


Kashidori is a pretty good character in PVP. He usually waits for his primary combo to begin, which is Lightning Blade or Kunai Barrage, before hitting the foes with his combinations. Though he is not a character that relies heavily on his combos, he may play the long game by waiting for an opportunity to use Lightning Blade to smash enemies with several combinations.


Mighty is a simple character to use since he is mostly meant to do damage and is not the kind with multiple Combo-Extenders. In PvP, his moves are useful in decreasing your opponent's health. Mighty, on the other hand, succeeds best in PvE, with many ranged skills that can reach a variety of targets such as Texas Smash and the United States of Smash.


The C tier is not the best tier, but it's still good. These characters have strengths and weaknesses that make them useful in certain situations. They are also focused on a specific purpose: to fight with other players.

  • Baku (Katsuki Bakugou)
  • Deki
  • Inosukee (Hashibira Inosuke)
  • Itadorie (Itadori Yuji)
  • Loofy
  • Narudo (Uzumaki Naruto)
  • Sanjuro (Vinsmoke Sanji)
  • Shota (Todoroki Shota)
  • Zorui (Roronoa Zoro)


Narudo's play style is highly aggressive thanks to the way his moveset was designed, but it is also his weakness; the fact that he has no combos due to his moveset means that just subs through his attacks have no effects. His offence seems to be to his detriment.


The characters at the bottom of the Anime Warriors tier list are not very strong, and they are not weak either. This means that they will not be recommended for battle unless you have a very specific reason to do so. They also have low skill levels, so they can only be used if the situation requires it or if you have no other choice but to use them. In both cases, however, these characters should be avoided at all costs.

  • Ched (Chad)
  • Guido
  • Ichigan (Kurosaki Ichigo)
  • Kid Sakora
  • Kid Sazuke (Uchiha Sasuke)
  • Kid Goran
  • Kuirin (Kuririn)
  • Nami
  • Roshi Masteroni (Roshi Mastroni)
  • Son (Goku)
  • Tanjiro (Kamado Kamado)
  • Tion
  • Recoome
  • Urara
  • Usopie (Usopp)
  • Yamucha (Yamcha)
  • Yugo (Yuga)


Ichigan is an overall good character with no significant flaws. In terms of powers, he is basically a 3-Star Kiritoe. In PvP, he is carried by his ability to do a lot of damage with combinations, and he is difficult to escape due to two mobility abilities. Because of his quick Block Break, he can effectively neutralize defensive players that hold blocks.

In PvE, his sole drawback is that he is a 3 Star character, which means he has a lower level cap than other characters, making him unsuitable for High-Level Adventure Mode and other game modes that need high levels. His Shunpo will be a wonderful tool for mobility.

Kid Sazuke

Kid Sazuke is a mediocre character in both PvP and PvE. He has two moves that are basically the same: Fireball and Phoenix Flower. He has no Combo Extenders and his single Block Breaker is Chidori.

In terms of PvE, he is still weak, with no actual AOE and not being able to do the same level of damage as other three stars, making him one of the weakest playable characters in the game.


We hope that this tier list has helped you understand which characters you should use in Anime Warriors. And while you are here, check our Roblox Anime Battle Arena tier list as well!

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