Angel Legion is a space adventure idle RPG out now for mobile

Batte ancient gods and trave through space.

Angel Legion is a space adventure idle RPG out now for mobile
  • Learn about Miya, an Angel with the blood of ancient gods
  • Bind Elevs to Angels for special bonuses
  • Lead your squad in turn-based battles

Idle RPG Angel Legion has officially launched on mobile. In this space adventure, you play as a commander and build your squad of angels. You'll team up with the mysterious Miya, explore exotic planets, and face down ancient gods.

The blood of ancient gods flows through Miya’s veins. She suffers from amnesia but is still a powerful ally. Miya has access to three artifacts which you can switch between at will. Each artifact lets Miya use combination skills with specific characters and you’ll have access to all three from the start.

Featuring turn-based combat, this idle RPG lets you battle foes traditionally or utilize an auto-battle feature. You’ll need to use your heroes’ special skills and your commander’s items effectively to prevail against formidable foes. You can also visit Miya’s living cabin in between battles where you’ll unlock a variety of compelling scenes and dialogues. These include special interactive scenes for holidays and on your birthday.

Woman with long brunette hair in skin tight read armor lounging with a sky in the background.

You can also acquire Elves by decomposing rare S-cards and healing Angels. Once you obtain an Elf, you can bind it to an Angel, which provides the Angel with Elf shield and attribute bonuses. In addition, you can equip your Angels with UAVs to further enhance their healing, shielding, and combat support abilities.

You’ll also be able to activate a Guardian, a powerful God that boosts all Angel’s attributes. The game features multiple game modes: mainline mode and challenge modes. Mainline mode lets you progress through the game’s story. Challenge modes include Arena, Endless Trial, Simulated Alpha, Battlefield, Expedition, and Military Match.

Angel Legion is out now on the App Store and Google Play. To learn more about the game and keep up with all the latest news, visit the official website or follow the game on Discord, Facebook or YouTube. Angel Legion has been available on Steam since 2020 and boasts positive reviews.

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