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AFK Journey guide for beginners

AFK Journey guide for beginners

While the game itself isn't too complicated, there are several tips in our guide to AFK Journey that many players will find useful.

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If you’re a fan of AFK Arena and its cast of colourful characters you’ve probably been waiting with bated breath for the spiritual sequel AFK Journey. This new adventure set in the world of Esperia features not only even more characters to collect but also a vast three-dimensional world to explore.

We’ve had the opportunity to go hands-on with this latest iteration in the AFK universe and collected our findings. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an avid AFK Arena fan, AFK Journey is a whole new way to experience the world of Esperia, and it’s got just as many interesting additions to the series.

Before we begin

If you haven’t already, why not check out our guide to what’s new in the combat of AFK Journey? We’ve got new traps, terrain and ways to control your party! But that’s only scraping the surface of what’s new and interesting about the game.

So, without further ado, let’s get started with our list of tips collected in the AFK Journey guide!

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Tip #1 - Take advantage of AFK rewards

Well, it wouldn’t be an idle game without these sorts of rewards, would it? The mechanic of AFK rewards is back in full force for AFK Journey. If you’re not familiar with the concept, it means that when you’re ‘afk’ (away from keyboard) you still accrue rewards through the automatic collection. This means that even if you take an extended break from playing AFK Journey you’ll still come back to a hefty set of gold, experience books and more. This means that you should check in every once in a while and collect your resources.

Tip #2 - Customise your gacha wish-list

AFK Journey is a gacha game and there’s no getting around that. So if you’re vehemently opposed you should stop reading now…but if not, you may find the game has a neat inversion of the ‘pity’ mechanic. Because AFK Journey lets you wishlist certain characters from different factions, meaning that when you pull epic-level heroes you’re guaranteed to get one from a wish-list set up by yourself. It’s a great way to narrow down your choices and ensure you have at least some control over what you get.

Tip #3 - Explore, and loot

Thanks to the new 3D environment, AFK Journey has some surprisingly beefy explorative gameplay. This includes traps, obstacles you can destroy and some minor puzzles. So far we’ve experienced some fairly basic ones that require simply pressing down pressure plates, moving obstacles or taking alternative routes. But the rewards you get from these puzzles are pretty hefty and well worth the effort.

Tip #4 - Make use of new menu features

We also mentioned this in our combat guide, but expanding our mention of auto-equip - which allows you to easily equip the most powerful gear to a given class with the tap of a button - you also have quick recycling. This will convert any obsolete gear you no longer need into forging material that can then be used later to craft new equipment. It’s one of many quality-of-life features that takes the tedium out of managing your party.

Tip #5 - Check out the guide

There’s a myriad of additional mechanics that you may not encounter all that often. Fortunately, AFK Journey is one of several games now including full guides for every minute detail. Whether that be Cairn Posting, Emotes or the use of combat trials (basically more ‘puzzle’-like battles) you can get a refresher anytime you need by checking in on the guide menu.

Tip #6 - Make friends

It’s easier than ever to team up with other players, whether that’s by fighting Corrupted Creatures which require an additional two players to join your battle, posting messages at Cairns for others to read and ‘like’ or simply joining a guild. All of these grant additional benefits, whether that’s new and fantastic loot, or simply the pleasure of knowing someone’s taken notice of your pithy comment.

That would be our AFK Journey guide with 6 tips that are rather easy to remember but will create a difference in case you start utilising them.

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