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AFK Journey codes for starting your adventure in Esperia (July 2024)

AFK Journey codes for starting your adventure in Esperia (July 2024)
  • AFK Journey is the successor to AFK Arena, offering a whole new take on the idle RPG genre
  • Get a head-start with redeem codes for additional Diamonds and Gold!
  • All codes are correct as of the time of writing
Updated on July 16, 2024 - Checked for new codes

AFK Journey is the new, fresh take on the idle RPG genre from the makers of AFK Arena. Bringing in new combat mechanics, a cast of new - and returning - characters, and a full 3D world to explore, AFK Journey is more than a worthy successor to the original AFK Arena - it’s an evolution.

Like any mobile game, there’s going to be some grinding involved. Fortunately, we’ve got one of the best tinctures to alleviate that - codes! We’ve gone and looked up all the currently available AFK Journey codes, listing their viability and the rewards given from them below.

These mostly give you Diamonds and Gold, so no premium currency or anything too crazy as of yet. However, both are equally useful early game for purchasing items and more. While you're here, why not keep up to date on which heroes to pursue with our AFK Journey tier list for all characters?

Active AFK Journey codes and rewards

  • MARKIJOURNEY - 1000. Diamonds, 50K Gols
  • hwidnabwbd - 10x Invite Letters (Hero Summon Tickets)
  • LILITH11AFKJ - 11x Invite Letters (Hero Summon Tickets)
  • AFKJLILYPICHU - 300 Diamonds, 50K Gold
  • AFKJRUBBERROSS - 300 Diamonds, 50K Gold
  • AFKJLUDWIG - 300 Diamonds, 50K Gold
  • AFKJNEWSEASON - 500 Diamonds, 50K Gold
  • AFKJVOLKIN - 100 Diamonds, 20K Gold
  • AFKJBARRY - 100 Diamonds, 20K Gold
  • AFKJMTASHED - 100 Diamonds, 20K Gold
  • AFKJZEEEBO - 100 Diamonds, 20K Gold
  • AFKJCREATIONFEST - 100 Diamonds, 50K Gold
  • AFKJUPDATE - 100 Diamonds, 20K Gold
  • AFKJCCPROGRAM - 100 Diamonds, 10K Gold
  • PLUTOMALLEXTRA5% - 100 Diamonds and 20K Gold
  • AFKJAPRIL20 - 100 Diamonds & 18K Gold


  • AFKJourneyZekiaPax - 100 Diamonds
  • AFKJourneyDishPax - 100 Diamonds
  • AFKJourneyLilyPax - 100 Diamonds
  • AFKJourneyAlpharad - 100 diamond and 18k gold
  • AFKJourneyhi - 100 diamonds + 18k gold
  • AFKJourneypreston - Diamonds and gold
  • AFKJourneySpecialedd - 100 diamonds and 18K gold
  • AFKJourneyLGIO - 200 diamonds and 20k gold
  • AFKJourneyJianhao - 200 diamonds and 20k gold
  • AFKJourneyJoshDUB - 100 diamonds and 18k gold
  • AFKJourneyCarbot - 200 diamonds and 20k gold
  • AFKJourneyMSA - 200 diamonds and 20k gold
  • AFKJourneyDE - 100 diamonds and 18k gold
  • AFKJourneySqueezie - 200 diamonds and 20k gold
  • AFKJourneyZanny - 100 diamonds and 18k gold
  • AFKJourneyPG0 - 100 diamonds and 18k gold
  • AFKJourney88 - 100 diamonds and 18,888 gold
  • AFKJourneyrug - 200 diamonds and 20k gold
  • AFKJOURNEYVG - 200 diamonds and 20k gold
  • AFKJOURNEYNOGLA - 200 diamonds and 20k gold
  • AFKJOURNEYCMK - 100 diamonds and 18k gold
  • AFKJourneyVIVA - 200 diamonds and 20k gold
  • AFKJourneyTGT - 200 diamonds and 20k gold
  • AFKJourneyTT - 88 diamonds and 16k gold
  • AFKJourneyCreator - 200 diamonds and 18k gold
  • AFKJourneyPAX - 400 diamonds and 40k gold
  • AFKJN2024 - 188 diamonds and 18k gold
  • AFKJourneyArt - 327 diamonds and 16k gold

Again, let us know in the comments below if you see any of these stop working, and we'll aim to update them as soon as possible!

Menu in Afk Journey

How to redeem codes in AFK Journey

To redeem gift and reward codes in AFK Journey, simply navigate to your settings page using the gear icon in your inventory. Then tap on the 'Others' tab, and you'll find the Promo Code section right where the buttons for support, t.o.s. network and so forth are found. Then it's as simple as inputting the code, hitting the button and seeing your rewards on-screen!

Using these, you can accelerate your progress, or just give yourself the boost you need when you’re just a little shy of the resources that you want. Let us know in the comments if any AFK Journey codes are no longer functioning so we can keep this list as up-to-date as possible!

Original article by Iwan Morris, updated by Sumant Meena

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