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AFK Journey Review - "An enchanting idle RPG"

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AFK Journey Review - "An enchanting idle RPG"
  • Explore a vast world featuring storybook-inspired graphics.
  • Collect and upgrade heroes to aid you in battle.
  • Clear AFK Battle stages to increase your AFK Rewards.

AFK Journey is a promising mobile RPG featuring idle and gacha mechanics. You play as Merlin, a most powerful wizard who has lost their memories and spends most of their time in their home. However, when a terrible fire sweeps through the nearby village, you must venture forth and once again become the hero the world needs.

AFK Journey Features Familiar Faces

If you have ever played AFK Arena, you may recognize some familiar faces among the many heroes you can collect. (If you're already playing, and looking to get the best heroes check out our ranking tier list for AFK Journey). Still, the game also introduces a plethora of new heroes for you to collect, level up and deploy in battle. You can summon new heroes at the Noble Tavern within the Mystical House. To summon heroes, you’ll need to invite letters or diamonds, one of the in-game currencies. Luckily, neither is too hard to come by.

The game features a graphical style that makes you feel as though you are moving through a storybook, which is exactly what the developer intended. From bustling towns to dank caverns, you’ll be enchanted by the game’s whimsical aesthetic.

Heroes exploring a wheat field.

AFK Journey Pays Homage to Old-School RPGS

You’ll explore the world of AFK Journey from a top-down perspective, invoking memories of old-school RPGs like Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance. As you explore, you’ll come across purple way stones. Activating one allows you to fast travel back to the location of the way stone at any time. Considering the game’s expansive map, this feature really comes in handy.

A key aspect of gameplay in this new mobile RPG is combat. Battles take place on a grid. You can select up to five heroes to participate in a battle. Your heroes will attack automatically, filling their power gauge as they do. Once a hero’s power gauge is full, tap the character’s icon and select a spot on the battlefield to launch the attack.

You'll want to choose a space on the grid that is close enough to the enemy to cause some damage. Since the game boasts idle mechanics, you can also use the auto-battle setting and let your heroes take full control, but where's the fun in that?

Heroes on an Honor Duel battlefield

Multiple Battle Modes

AFK Journey also features multiple battle modes. You can, of course, battle enemies as you come across them in your travels. However, you can also battle fearsome foes like the Skyclopes (a flying one-eyed creature) in the Dream Realm. Battles in the Dream Realm aren’t just about winning. This realm is the home of some formidable foes, so you'll gain rewards based on how much damage you deal before your team is defeated.

There are also AFK stage battles. Each stage you defeat lets you earn more rewards while you're idle. Specifically, beating an AFK Battle stage increases the amount of Hero Essence, Gold, and XP you'll earn per hour while away from the game. You can also go toe-to-toe against other players’ teams in the Arena. Each match you win in the Arean gives you experience, and when you earn enough, your Arena tier will level up.

There are also Honor Duels, which are PvP battles in which you earn Honor Badges. Honor Badges can be used to obtain new heroes and equipment in between rounds. In Honor Duels you'll need to equip each piece of equipment to a specific party member. Also, bear in mind that the items you purchase with your honor badges only apply to Honor Duels, so they won’t be added to your inventory.

AFK Journey - battling a Skyclopes in the Dream Realm.

AFK Journey: No Need to Grind

There are tons of ways to gain rewards in the idle RPG, so you’ll never feel the need to endlessly grind. From daily quests and guild quests to AFK Rewards and prizes from limited-time events, it seems there is always some reward or another to collect.

While there’s lots of side content to enjoy, the best part of the game is exploring the vast open world and taking on quests. Beyond the game's charming main quest line, you'll come across plenty of entertaining side quests, such as the Jumeo Roliet and Holistone Merchant quests.

AFK Journey is an engaging mobile RPG that boasts enthralling storybook-style graphics and a simplistic yet fulfilling combat system. With multiple battle modes with which to test your mettle and tons of heroes to summon and upgrade, AFK Journey is an exceptional idle RPG fans of the genre shouldn’t miss out on. If you like it, we recommend you to redeem the AFK Journey codes as soon as you start playing, because they will give you a nice starting edge.

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AFK Journey Review - "An enchanting idle RPG"

AFK Journey is an engaging idle RPG brimming with epic quests and distinct heroes to collect.
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