AFK Arena introduces a brand new character alongside some in-game events in the latest update

AFK Arena introduces a brand new character alongside some in-game events in the latest update
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Lilith Games' wildly popular idle RPG AFK Arena has introduced its latest update, this time bringing with it a brand new hero character alongside a few new events, a brand new Temporal Rift season, and even some previously unavailable cosmetics for purchase too!

AFK Arena is a nifty little idle RPG, and has somewhat paved the way for other genre contemporaries with its success. Between crossovers with the likes of legendary franchises like The Witcher and a boatload of content to take part in nearly weekly, there’s always plenty to love within it.

As for this latest update, the highlight is surely the addition of the brand new hero Veithael - The Shining Sword. A handsome blonde knightly man, Veithael will be a lovely addition to your collection, and will be up for grabs by completing the latest event: Bountiful Trials.

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This new event is but one of three events beginning with this update, alongside the Arena of Trials event “Guild Trials” as well as the Beast Squad event. Those first two are essentially a series of consecutive difficult battles intended for end-game players, while the Beast Squad event allows you to hire beasts to perform various idle tasks that will collect rewards for you.

Next, we’ve got the new Temporal Rift Season, which will run for 90 days. This season brings with it a brand new boss, some new Avatar Frame and Sticker rewards, as well as some Limited-Time Rewards that will be handed out to adventurers who can climb the tower of the Temporal Rift depending on which floor they end the season on.

Finally, we’ve also got two returning cosmetics up for purchase in the in-game shop: the Winter Explorer skin for Saurus and the Lost Dreams skin for Rosaline. These will only be available for 14 days, so hop on them quickly!

If you’d like to experience this large variety of new content and get your hands on some limited-time stuff yourself, you can download AFK Arena at either of the links below this article!

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