AFK Arena celebrates its fifth anniversary and over 100 million players

The hit idle RPG brings in a new faction and more for their anniversary

AFK Arena celebrates its fifth anniversary and over 100 million players
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  • AFK Arena, the hit idle RPG, has now hit its fifth anniversary and over 100 million players!
  • Free heroes and summons are in the offing as part of the celebration
  • Get a free hero from the new faction, the Draconis, as part of the celebrations

Hit idle RPG AFK Arena has surpassed 100 million players just in time for its fifth anniversary. To celebrate, developer Lilith Games has announced a series of celebrations to come alongside the next major update that will see the addition of a brand new faction; The Draconis. Best of all, current and new players can claim one of the new faction heroes completely free as part of the anniversary celebrations.

Hildwin, the Crimson Sovereign, a mage-type character that specialises in damage over time will be available for free. Meanwhile, a special growth event called Winged Sojourn will let you quickly pump up their stats by gathering materials. Up to 300 free summons are also available as part of the celebrations if that hero somehow isn't enough for you.

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While AFK Arena is not the first game to introduce the concept of idle or AFK rewards by far, it's perhaps one of the most well-known. Allowing players to continue to farm rewards automatically while they aren't playing is part of the game's core appeal and has even carried over to its sequel/spinoff AFK Journey. But the introduction of a new faction with the Draconis indicates that Lilith Games aren't finished with their flagship title anytime soon.

Additionally, if you're a TikTok user or follow Lilith Games' various social media accounts, keep your eyes open. A host of fan events and competitions open to all participants, like the DIY Dragon Egg creation workshops or filters on TikTok will be available to celebrate.

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