Fruit Ninja-esque Zombie Swipeout now available worldwide for iPhone

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Fruit Ninja-esque Zombie Swipeout now available worldwide for iPhone
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Last month, FarmVille creator Zynga sent Fruit Ninja-esque arcade title Zombie Swipeout stumbling onto the Canadian App Store.

Well, the 'infection' has spread at an alarming rate, and this undead-filled title is now available around the world.

Like in the aforementioned Fruit Ninja, you have to bat flesh-eating zombies out of the air in Zombie Swipeout using swipes of your finger and your trusty machete. If you'd rather utilise another weapon, though, you can unlock and wage war with tons of other blades, such as the Head Slapper and the Prince of Cleaves.

Plus, as you level-up, you'll gain access to grenades, liquid nitrogen, and other crazy power-ups, which should come in helpful as you attempt to beat your friends' top scores and win weekly medals.

You can download Zombie Swipeout for your iPhone for 69p.

Anthony Usher
Anthony Usher
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