Zynga celebrates Zombie Swipeout with Zombie Blood Drive event

Beware of z-men bearing popsicles

Zynga celebrates Zombie Swipeout with Zombie Blood Drive event
| Zombie Swipeout

When is the last time a zombie has given you anything other than the plague?

Known for taking lives and brains, zombies are rarely known for their charity work.

Zygna hoped to change this perception of the restless dead by dispatching hordes of ravenous zombies to New York and San Francisco as part of a Zombie Blood Drive.

Rather than take pints of hemoglobin from passerbys, these zombies were giving out free blood pops to drum up some press for the upcoming release of Zombie Swipeout.

Thankfully for all concerned, the popsicles in question contained no actual blood but rather a tasty mixture of fresh lime juice, fresh mint, organic cane sugar and natural stabilisers.

The spiritual successor to ZombieSmash!, Zombie Swipeout – which should be available in the coming weeks – revolves around Joey, the sole human survivor trapped in the midst of a zombie invasion.

Zombie Swipeout reduces the category of slash games to its purest - and goriest - form. Players must protect the last man standing by slashing, slicing, bludgeoning, exploding, and freezing as many zombies as possible – all without catching Joey in the crossfire.

While we don’t have any blood pops of our own to offer, we will keep you updated with the latest news on Zombie Swipeout as it becomes available.

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