Zio and the Magic Scrolls is an idle RPG set in the magical world of Aerok, available for pre-registration now

Zio and the Magic Scrolls is an idle RPG set in the magical world of Aerok, available for pre-registration now

Aerok has been a peaceful country for as long as anyone could imagine. They’ve had their fare share of woes thanks to a warlock who the people of Aerlock battled for very long and only managed to seal him away after the sacrifice of an archmage. But chaos has once again returned to the country as the warlock has been resurrected along with dragons. It is now up to you to save Aerock.

This is the premise of Super Planet’s new idle mobile RPG called Zio and the Magic Scrolls. It has been based off a webcomic created by NAVER WEBTOON. It follows the story of the protagonist Zio in Aerok country. The story unfolds more as you progress, and it only gets more interesting. Zio and the Magic Scrolls’ gameplay consists of three core mechanics.

Become a powerful mage thanks to the magic scrolls!

As the name suggests, at the centre of the game are magic scrolls. These can be used to perform special moves in battles, leading to much more thrilling gameplay. The scroll itself is divided into four parts and requires tremendous energy to use. You can choose up to three scrolls to be used once each. They house immense magical powers, so you must use them strategically.

Be the manager of your own team!

Zio and the Magic Scrolls will feature 5v5 battles. Heroes can be picked from three categories – God, Human, and Demon. Certain Transcendental Heroes also exist who grant additional powers to the team. Different heroes will have different jobs, allowing for unique team combinations to be created based on lineage and occupation.

No hero left behind!

There are 27 heroes available but only five spots to fill. What of the remaining 22? These serve as Supporters. You can add five extra Supporters who won’t participate in the battle but will provide extra power to your fighting team. The story will also reveal connections and relationships between heroes, which will play a role in their selection.

A fresh take on the idle RPG genre, Zio and the Magic Scrolls is set to launch at the end of December. However, you can pre-order the game right now for free on Google Play.

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