8 Ketchapp games to play after Finger Spinner

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8 Ketchapp games to play after Finger Spinner
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Mobile game publisher Ketchapp has quietly carved out a bit of a name for itself in recent years.

Its games are never the most flashy, deep, or original, and they don't make their way onto many end-of-year lists. But that's not really the point.

Ketchapp games consistently manage to scratch that peculiar itch that mobile users get when they have an idle minute or two. That one where booting up your favourite epic RPG or MOBA is simply out of the question due to time or environment.

As a result, Ketchapp's games are frequently very popular indeed. Finger Spinner is the latest App Store-topping effort from this prolific developer, but it's far from the best.

Here are some of the better examples of Ketchapp's work.

Ketchapp Summer Sports

So-called 'track and field' videogames often ask you to pound a button (real or virtual) to make your little virtual athlete run faster. But Ketchapp Summer Sports takes a far more civilised rhythm action approach.

We also like how the various events bleed into one another, so you're on an endless loop of multi-sport goodness. Running becomes hurdles becomes javelin becomes long jump. All in all, it's pretty tough to put down.


Ketchapp does like its minimalist, isometrically viewed casual games. ZigZag epitomises the form, as you tap the screen to make your ball zig and zag at the appropriate moments.

It's another approach to the whole endless runner thing, really, but is sufficiently different (and fun) to warrant a look.

Risky Road

Like a stripped-back cross between Blocky Roads and Snuggle Truck, Risky Road is a physics-based racer that has you transporting a delicate dinosaur egg across a 2D obstacle course in the back of a pick-up truck.

You need to manipulate the simple one-button controls so as you keep the egg safe whilst negotiating loop-de-loops, jumps, and bumps.


Who would have guessed that the classic Breakout/Arkanoid formula could have been simplified further? Ketchapp could, of course.

Ballz has you aiming and launching balls, Angry Birds style, in order to bust as many blocks and accrue as many points as possible before the ball strays back down the screen and out of play.

22 Seconds

You know the satisfying way air hockey pucks move and bounce around the table? 22 Seconds harnesses that feeling brilliantly, but in service of a moreish time-based challenge.

Flick your puck as far through an endless level as you can in just - you guessed it - 22 seconds.

Pinball Sniper

As you've no doubt realised by now, Ketchapp likes to take a well known game and strip it back to its bare essence. Pinball Sniper effectively does that with the game of pinball.

Here the pinball table becomes an against-the-clock shooting range, as you rush to hit the target using two flippers and a ball. It's good clean fun.

Spring Ninja

Endless runners can be totally yawnsome. But Spring Ninja injects a fair amount of spark with its novel mechanic.

You have to press and hold to build up the tension in your portly ninja's spring-shoes in order to bounce from narrow platform to narrow platform. It's very tough, and really rather satisfying.


Build as tall a tower as possible by stopping the component blocks in line with the last as as move back and forth. The twist is, every time you overshoot, the overhanging section gets lopped off, and the next block gets cut down to size to match.

Nailing successive perfect block placements takes on a compelling rhythm action feel. All in all, this is a deceptively clever game.