PG turns 10: ZeptoLab's Semyon Voinov on how the touchscreen changed everything

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PG turns 10: ZeptoLab's Semyon Voinov on how the touchscreen changed everything
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As you've heard a bunch of times already, it's Pocket Gamer's 10th birthday. And, to celebrate, we've reached out to our favourite developers and publishers to get their thoughts on the past and future of mobile gaming.

This time it's Semyon Voinov of ZeptoLab on how the touchscreen changed everything and speculation as to what the next big thing might be.

What was the biggest change in mobile gaming over the past 10 years

"I think it's the touch screen. It felt so unpractical initially, but ended up becoming the best thing that happened with games in decade - and I mean not only mobile games, but games in general."

Is it better to be a developer now or in 2006?

"My career in mobile games started around 2003, so sometimes I do feel nostalgic.

"Yes, the competition is tough nowadays. Games have become more complex and therefore expensive to develop, and players have generally grown more picky with what they play and what they pay for.

"At the same time, devices have become so much more powerful, the developer tools are amazing and easy to master, and the audience of mobile games is bigger then ever.

"So, nostalgia aside, I won't enter the time machine... Unless it's going to the Jurassic age. Because dinosaurs are cool. No dinosaurs in 2006 though."

What do you want to see from mobile in the next 10 years?

"Just like the touch screen helped new genres and concepts to emerge, I believe that new ways to control games will create new types of gameplay and usage patterns that will rock the industry.

"Not sure whether it will be VR, wearables or something else.

"Also, I believe that e-sports will become huge, since there's now a generation growing on watching other people play."

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