Zenless Zone Zero may be launching in a few months' time

App Store placeholder says game may be out sooner than you think

Zenless Zone Zero may be launching in a few months' time
  • App Store page mentions game may be released on July 4th
  • Probable date only as no official announcement has been made
  • Currently, a third CBT is set to go live

It’s been almost two years since Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact developer HoYoverse announced their highly anticipated project, Zenless Zone Zero. Since then, the urban fantasy ARPG has gone through a few rounds of beta testing, with numerous other teasers along the way. While we don’t have an official release date in sight, the title’s App Store page may have just revealed a probable date.

So, what is Zenless Zone Zero all about? It’s an aRPG set in the post-apocalyptic city of New Eridu where Hollows, a type of natural disaster, tend to spontaneously appear. It causes Ethereal Monsters to enter the planet and wreak havoc. However, inhabitants of the last surviving city found a way to exploit the Hollows for valuable resources.

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Naturally, the technology to achieve this daunting task was monetised under the city’s administration, but everyone wanted a piece of the cake too. You’ll find yourself part of an elite squad tasked with helping people explore these Hollows. You can recruit powerful characters in your team who will help you in fighting against the devastating threat from the other side.

The first beta test called the Tuning Test was held sometime in 2022 and gave a limited number of players a chance to test out the game. This was followed by the Equalising Test late last year, with some major changes. Combat mechanics were significantly upgraded and so was New Eridu’s atmosphere.

Check out our Zenless Zone Zero CBT preview to get a feel of what the game is like!

We’re now preparing for round three, as the Amplifying Test is set to go live soon. It will be more focused on Hollow exploration alongside some never-before-seen content. The CBT will be available on Android, iOS, and PC, so unfortunately, PS5 users miss out on this one.

Coming back to my primary point, Zenless Zone Zero’s App Store page mentions the expected release date to be July 4th. That’s not too far away, so hopefully an official announcement should be on its way as well.

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