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Wuthering Waves: Everything we know so far

The game launches on May 22nd.

Wuthering Waves: Everything we know so far
  • Play as Rover, an amnesiac with the ability to absorb Tacet Discords with your bare hands
  • Experience fast-paced combat featuring QTE mechanics
  • Recruit Resonators to aid you in battle

With more than 30,000 pre-registered users, Wuthering Waves is a highly anticipated mobile ARPG from HK Kuro Games. Every pre-registration goal set by the developers has been reached, meaning you'll gain some sweet rewards if you sign up ahead of launch. Pre-registration rewards include Shell Credit x80,000, Advanced Resonance Potion x10, Astrite x200 and Lustrous Tide x20.

If you’re one of the many fans anxiously awaiting the game's release, we've got some good news: Wuthering Waves will officially launch on May 22, 2024. Boasting breathtaking 3D graphics, it promises a story-rich open world for you to explore.

The Lament

After a cataclysmic event known as the Lament brings society to its knees, a new civilization rises up. Dangerous anomalies collectively called the Waveworn Phenomenon are created by the Lament’s power. These include Tacet Fields, Tacet Discord Outbreaks and a strange substance known as Tacetite. The Waveworn Phenomenon alters matter, energy and information, converting them into vibrating frequencies called Reverberations.

A Tacet Discord with a large blade raise over their head, looking out across a hazy reddish landscape

The sky above a Tacet field is made up of inverted seas. Tacet Fields can also be recognized by the Tacet Mark on the ground. Believed to be the source of Tacet Discords, these locations connect the world of Solaris-3 to an unknown location via a white Resonance Cord.

Tacet Discords tend to gather in Tacet Fields. Powerful foes with a continuously changing form, Tacet Discords can possess Tacet Cores. These beings gorge themselves on various frequencies to stabilize and evolve and are known to mimic their prey’s shape, behaviours and abilities. The most formidable Tacet Discords are known as Threnodians.

Wuthering Waves: The Rover

In this upcoming ARPG, you play as Rover, who awakes from a long slumber without their memories. Little is known about where you came from or why. Rover has a unique ability to absorb Tacet Discords with her hands. Other individuals with powers called Resonators are only capable of such a thing when using the Pangu Terminal.

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With this distinct power, you may be the only one capable of saving Solaris-3. Further, the character, who you can choose to be male or female, is also prone to visions. Because of your strange ability and untimely arrival, Resonators will be watching you closely. However, this also means you’ll be able to recruit them to fight by your side.

Resonators are people capable of resonating with specific objects to manipulate their frequencies. You’ll need their help if you’re going to overcome the Lament and regain your memories. Of course, these individuals must be careful not to overuse their abilities, as doing so could kill them.

Meet the Resonators of Wuthering Waves

Each resonator has distinct Resonance Abilities, also known as Fortes. Typically, a Resonator's past influences what their Fortes will be. Among the many Resonators you’ll recruit throughout the game are Verina, Yuanwu, Calcharo and Encore.

Resonator EEncore in a pink and white dress holding her two woolies

Encore is a pink-haired consultant from the Black Shores known for her quirky personality. Always by her side are Cosmos and Cloudy, her two Woolies, who are also her dearest friends. Verina, on the other hand, is a humble plant breeder with strong resolve. Despite her youth, Verina prefers to take on a caretaking role in all her expeditions.

Sporting a grey fedora and a stylish black and blue jacket, Yuanwu is a polite gentleman who owns a boxing gym. A confident young man, Yuanwu is a master of the Leihuang martial arts and is proficient in health management.

Finally, Calcharo is the leader of a dangerous mercenary group called the Ghost Hounds. His slender build, angular jaw and long silvery hair are reminiscent of Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII which is fitting since Calcharo is as ruthless and vindictive as they come.

Close up of Female Rover unsheathing a sword in a field with blue flowers

Fast Paced Combat

Wuthering Waves promises to offer smooth, fast-paced combat. As you play, you'll collect echoes that allow you to unleash the power of your enemies in battle. Further, you can enhance your echoes by claiming lingering phantoms of Tacet Discords.

The upcoming mobile RPG was developed by the creators of Punishing Gray Raven, so its fluid, action-packed battles are not surprising. While in battle, you can take advantage of an array of QTE mechanics to damage your enemies. You’ll also have access to abilities such as Extreme Evasion, Dodge Counter and Echo Skills.

The World of Wuthering Waves

This highly anticipated RPG promises to offer a vast world for players to explore. However, the developer hasn't released too much information on the game's various regions other than Huanglong. This region is rumoured to feature six cities.

Female Rover holding onto the claws of a flying creature as it soars across a lake toward a city

Huanglong includes locations like Jinzhou, a city stronghold defending humanity from the Tacet Discords, and the nearby Gorges of Spirits, a strategic pass that acts as a gateway to the aforementioned city. There's also the Black Shores, but this looks to be a small location rather than one of the game's six regions.

Wuthering Waves will launch on the App Store, Google Play and Epic Games on May 22. To keep up with all the latest information, visit the game's official website or follow Wuthering Waves on Facebook, X (Twitter), or Discord.

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