World at Risk is a WWII strategy game with tank battles, out now on Android and iOS

World at Risk is a WWII strategy game with tank battles, out now on Android and iOS
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Be ready to jump into the World War II battlefield with Lionstale LTD’s latest, World at Risk. It has just been released on Android and iOS devices in the US, Canada, UK and a few more countries.

About the game

The story will take you back 80 years to World War II. World at Risk has been designed using the European map. You have to select a general and equip an army with weapons to start the war. Like other similar strategy games, you are tasked with upgrading your weapons and strengthening your army. There will be a home base, where you can rest and prepare for battle.

Your prime objective will be to turn on the engines of tanks and aeroplanes, search your troop, pay heed to generals' commands, and bring victory to your alliance. But to achieve the win, you have to complete various objectives categorized into main, daily and alliance tasks.

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World at Risk features over 250 levels. As the story unravels, you will also come across the actual battle scenes from World War II. From the trailer and screenshots, the game looks pretty promising.

World at Risk is now out in select countries on Android and iOS

World at Risk has just been released in select countries - the US, Canada, UK and a few more select countries. It’s available on Google Play and the App Store. It's a free-to-play title with optional in-app purchases.

Since the developer is calling it a full release, we don't think it will be expanding to any more countries. At least for now.

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