Word Up! iPhone game spelt out

Tivo inspired game now live on the App Store

Word Up! iPhone game spelt out
| Word Up!

A glance at the screenshots and we initially though, "Hang on, that looks a bit like Wordtouch" – which it does. But there's more…

The new word puzzle game called Word Up! from Marc Abramowitz is now available from the App Store, which asks players to create the longest and highest scoring words from the top row of letters on the screen. As each letter is used, the next in the column bumps up, until all the letters are used or there're no permissible combinations left.

Marc has compiled a built-in dictionary of 178,691 words from the Official Tournament and Club Word List, the official word authority for tournament Scrabble, so there's no arguing over whether or not it's an eligible phrase. The game also allows for an undo function, which will be handy when those elusive words only reveal themselves after you've bunged yet another obvious, three-letter low scorer in again. You can even look up words using direct links to an online dictionary, should your handset be connected.

What's interesting here is that Abramowitz graciously acknowledges that his inspiration didn't come from the similar title already on the App Store, but a game called Wordsmith that's built into his TiVo unit. We do like to see some healthy competition on the App Store, especially with these staple-diet puzzle games, and it's quite fascinating to know where the ideas originate, eh?