Wizarre is an upcoming turn-based PvP game releasing early next year

Wizarre is an upcoming turn-based PvP game releasing early next year

Flying Cactus studio has just announced its debut indie title, Wizarre, a turn-based PvP game that is set to release on mobile and PC early next year. It takes place in a magical world where players from across the globe will fight each other in exhilarating battles using unique NFT Wizards.

In Wizarre, players are tasked with creating the strongest team of wizards they can, by combing various factors such as design, stats, and power. Their abilities come from two aspects, body parts and weapons, which will determine the specific powers and magical elements each wizard will have. The stronger the mage, the higher its potential to top the leaderboard.

The gameplay loop is pretty easy to understand, but it’s just as hard to master. There are a total of seven themed maps, each representing a different kind of battle. Players will have to strategize according to their surroundings. Spells are another layer of complexity as they determine the choice of characters. over 60 different magical spells are available, and players must choose their squad based on the useable incantations.

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As we’ve seen in a lot of the recent games, Wizarre also features an NFT element. A dedicated marketplace has been set up specially for NFT trade, allowing players to buy and sell as their collection grows over time. It’s not even just characters as players can also sell and combine for greater spells in order to level up their Wizards. Higher-tiered mages come with much better abilities and more powerful forms.

Wizarre is currently in early access on Google Play and features full cross-platform support, allowing users on mobile and PC to play together. iOS and macOS versions are also planned and should be announced soon. A global release is planned around February 2024. Check out the Steam page for more information until then.

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