Tower of God introduces the hellish demon Hoaqin in latest update

Tower of God introduces the hellish demon Hoaqin in latest update

Netmarble has just released a new update for Tower of God: New World, which brings a brand new character to the fray. Following SSR Novick in the previous patch, the latest update introduces the hellish demon Hoaqin to the collectible card RPG alongside other costumes and in-game events.

Straight from the frames of Tower of God, SSR [Demonic Fragment] Hoaqin joins New World as a Purple Element, Warrior, and Sorcerer. He is a fragment of the monster that has been sealed in the Hell Train. Hoaqin was once a legendary High Ranker, easily making it to the top 100 most powerful in the Tower and was also FUG’s top slayer White.

Don’t be fooled by his childlike appearance because Hoaqin has a cruel personality and loves pitting people against each other. The only time he shows any morality is while keeping his promises. Most of the havoc he wreaks is through the Spell of Soul-Eating, which allows him to take others’ powers by stealing their souls.

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Hoaqin endlessly looks for more souls to devour in an effort to completely resurrect himself. In addition to Soul-Eating, he can also use Rampage, Jolt, and Teleport, all of which deal high damage to enemies. Players can reskin the demon in two other costumes, Viole (Red Eyes) and Bam (Second Flipper).

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Accompanying the new character is season four of Alliance Expedition. The search phase will be available until the 22nd, wherein players must locate weapons. This will be followed by the boss phase battles until the 25th. The Formation Strategy Lesson Event will also remain live until the end of the month, accessible up to six times a day. Tokens earned here can be exchanged for several rewards.

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