LoL: Wild Rift's v3.2 update introduces two new Keystones and six new Minor Runes

LoL: Wild Rift's v3.2 update introduces two new Keystones and six new Minor Runes

League of Legends: Wild Rift’s latest v3.2 update was massive with numerous features, events, a new hero, more runes, and a bunch of other content. All of this is set to release on different days throughout the month. A key feature of the update is the introduction of two keystones and six minor runes that will give players an added advantage. Check them out below.


Lethal Tempo

The Conqueror keystone has been the pick of the lot for players who prefer auto-attacking. Lethal Tempo aims to shake things up as it grants a stacking buff to attack speed with every auto attack for heroes like Ashe and Kyle.

Kraken Slayer

A blast from the past for some LoL players as this new Keystone has been derived from a popular mythic item in League. It is perfect for marksmen and champions to fight against beefy enemies who need to be hit hard. Every third attack will hit the opponent with additional true damage.

Minor Runes

Six minor runes have been introduced, with two going to each tree.

Minor Domination Runes

Brutal, a pre-existing rune which was kinda overpowered has been rebalanced but still remains a rune that can obliterate hordes of enemies. Scorch is made for the newcomers as it deals damage based on the level, providing an extra boost early game until more powerful tools are acquired. Then there is Giant Slayer, which helps deal with giants like Ammu by hitting them with bonus damage.

Minor Resolve Runes

To bump up players’ defensive capabilities two new runes are being added – Ultimate Shield and Nullifying Orb. The first is for characters like Kenner and Morgana wherein it creates a shield once an ultimate move has been cast. The latter provides a last-minute escape opportunity by building a shield when health is too low.

Minor Inspiration Runes

For a speed burst, Nimbus Cloak is your best friend. Use it to escape a sticky situation or surprise the enemy. Last up is Demolish, which charges an attack up to deal an obscene amount of damage.

Which keystone and runes are your favourite? Download League of Legends: Wild Rift now for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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