LoL: Wild Rift's v3.2 update features a new champion, events, a new Wild Pass, and more

LoL: Wild Rift's v3.2 update features a new champion, events, a new Wild Pass, and more

After a recent announcement about the Wild Rift Icons Global Championship set to be held in Singapore, League of Legends: Wild Rift has just launched its v3.2 update. Over the next few weeks, players can expect to see the addition of a new character, events, gameplay changes, a brand new Wild Pass, and much more. It's quite the update as it also features the highly anticipated runes that players have been waiting for.

Today sees the release of the new champion – Ekko, the boy who shattered time. Belonging to the streets of Zaun, Ekko uses his self-created device, the Z-Drive, to manipulate time as he wishes in order to defend himself and his friends. Ekko’s Arrival event begins today and will allow players to mess around with all sorts of inventions that can modulate time.

Next is the Elemental Rift feature that temporarily brings back Dragons to the game. However, the patch changes things up with Elemental Dragon effects being stackable and kills increasing the power of Dragon Buffs by x1.5-2. Additionally, the third season of Guild vs Guild is also launching on May 23rd. New inclusions to the season include better rewards, more missions, no more Champion Abilities and sabotaging, and a banner displaying Reward Track progress.

Furthermore, the Wild Pass is set to launch today with the new Dream Raider Nasus skin and a bunch of other rewards that are a part of the pack. Another skin releasing today is Sandstorm Ekko. Three more skins, High Noon versions of Ashe, Irelia, and Thresh will be available from May 19th onwards as part of the High Noon event.

The update includes more in the form of accessories, changes to champions, gameplay modifications and rotation of the free-to-play champions. Make the most of this update by downloading LoL: Wild Rift for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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