Wild Honesty lets you deepen relationships through a meaningful party game, coming to mobile on December 9th

Wild Honesty lets you deepen relationships through a meaningful party game, coming to mobile on December 9th

The pandemic has not only affected global economies everywhere, but it's also strongly influenced how people interact with each other, which is where Wild Honesty comes in. Dubbed as "a party game for deeper conversations", That's Not A Game LLC's new title encourages people to form stronger ties with each other across continents via a simple Q&A game.

Landing on mobile devices on December 9th, Wild Honesty invites players to combat loneliness in the midst of these trying times by nourishing their relationships with each other even when they're not physically around. The game lets two to five players engage in more meaningful conversations through prompts that allow each player to be "seen, heard, and understood for who you authentically are."

You can start a game whether in person or with others via FaceTime on Apple's Shareplay. It effectively lets you get to know the people in your life no matter how close they are to your inner circle. You can easily set the questions to your level of intimacy with a person, so it's a unique way to reconnect with people based on your comfort level and vulnerability with each other.

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Of course, there are also some lighthearted guessing game questions scattered in the middle of heartfelt conversation prompts, with over 800 questions (edited by communications expert, Kalina Silverman of Big Talk) to go through with the people in your life. The game features useful accessibility options as well.

If you're eager to see how the game works, you can check out the embedded explainer video above to get a feel of the gameplay, or head on over to Wild Honesty's official website to stay updated on all the latest developments.

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Catherine Dellosa
Catherine Dellosa
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