Where's Samantha? the physics-based, story-driven puzzler is out now on Android and iOS

Where's Samantha? the physics-based, story-driven puzzler is out now on Android and iOS
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Developer Respect Games has finally launched Where's Samantha?, a question George can't stop asking himself after a wind coming from nowhere swept Samantha off to an unknown place far from him. Following its release on Steam and Nintendo, it has now released on mobile. You can now download it from Google Play the App Store.

Where's Samantha is a 2D physics-based platform puzzler that tells a heartwarming story of two swatches of fabric named George and Samantha. It is enjoyable for people all ages, thanks to its vibrant graphics and puzzles with varying complexity. It is free-to-play until a certain level, after which players must purchase the full version for $3.99.

Game overview

Where's Samantha? is a tale of two swatches of fabric that are deeply in love. Just when things were going right, a strong wind blew Samantha away to a faraway place. Now you get to play as George, who sets off in search of his beloved.

It's an enjoyable narrative game that takes you through a fully hand-drawn 2D textile world packed with mind-bending physics-based puzzles across 45 levels.

Gameplay and more

George, being made of fabric, has to keep in mind the various challenges that he might face with every progress he makes. In this beautifully stitched hand-drawn tale, which is also whimsical, you have to guide George through obstacles and tricky mind maze puzzles.

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With every level, George will develop various skills like impersonating himself in various other colours or forms, multiplying himself and also adding on extra layers of fabric around himself to prevent the breeze from taking him away.

Wind is one of the most challenging evils in this textile world, while George has to overcome every hindrance that prevents him from finding his beloved. On top of that, you also have to collect alphabets spread across the game. In the course of George's quest to reunite with his lost love, these letters help complete the chapters in their story book tale that’s narrated by the award-winning actor and comedian Rufus Hound.

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