Where’s Samantha is a physics based, story driven, puzzle platformer coming next month on Android and iOS

Where’s Samantha is a physics based, story driven, puzzle platformer coming next month on Android and iOS

Where’s Samantha? This is the name of Respect Studios’ new game and also a question George cannot stop asking himself. A physics-based, puzzle platformer, Where’s Samantha deals with a love story between two souls made of fabric. We follow two characters – George and Samantha, created by an entity known as The Tailor.

Their love was so pure, so fulfilling, it was a match made in heaven. Falling love at first sight, George and Samantha knew that they were destined to be together. And so, they entered into a beautiful bond and were totally inseparable, living happily ever after.
Until one day, Samantha just disappeared. Without a word, note or absolutely any information letting George where she is or if she is safe. She had gone without a trace. This was the first time the inseparable couple was actually separated. But George had no plans to give up on her. He was set to find his beloved.

And to do so, the path ahead was perilous. George was going to have to face very tough challenges. Where’s Samantha isn’t just about reuniting two lovers together, but also about self-introspection and learning about your own feelings. There are 45 levels, and each will make George realise that he needs to work on himself.

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Taking this literally is also applicable because certain challenges will require cloning. The clone can complete tasks such as flicking the switch to hold the gate open, while the original George can then walk through it. Clones can vary in height, weight, personalities and will all have different skillsets. The choice of clone will be the difference between cruising through a level or spending hours on it.

The clones may help you, but what about Samantha who’s suddenly surrounded by numerous clones of her lover? This is eventually going to see her embarking on her own quest. Stitch together the story of these stitches in Where’s Samantha, featuring a gorgeous hand-drawn art style and a story narrated by Rufus Hound.

Where’s Samantha will be available to download on the App Store and Google Play on December 3rd.

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