WHAT THE CAR? announces interesting crossover event with Sassy Sasquatch

WHAT THE CAR? announces interesting crossover event with Sassy Sasquatch
  • Collaboration event with RAC7's Sneaky Sasquatch
  • 12 levels specifically designed for the event
  • New stealth mechanics and a level creator

Triband has just announced a quirky collaboration event for their popular mobile game WHAT THE CAR?, which will be teaming up with RAC7’s beloved game, Sneaky Sasquatch. This is a fun event that's sure to delight fans of both games. It’s already been touted as the cutest crossover event of the century, which is understandable given all the charm and humour Sneaky Sasquatch will bring to the DICE Mobile Game of the Year.

Launching today on Apple Arcade as a free update, WHAT THE CAR?'s collab will introduce players to a whole new world filled with surprises. Inspired by Sneaky Sasquatch, the update features 12 handmade stages where you can explore, sneak, drive, fish, bike, and ski. Plus, there are new Sneaky Sasquatch-inspired tunes to accompany your adventures, adding an extra layer of charm to the experience.

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One of the most exciting aspects of the patch is the addition of new stealth mechanics, allowing you to get extra sneaky as you navigate through the new levels. When everyone’s beloved Sasquatch and everyone’s favourite car with legs join hands, you’re bound to have a memorable experience. But the fun doesn't stop there. You’ll also have the opportunity to create your own sneaky-inspired levels that can be shared with others in the community.

If you haven’t heard about Sneaky Sasquatch before, the game was originally released in 2019 as a launch title for Apple Arcade. Since then, it has remained a staple in the platform's lineup, thanks to its charming gameplay and regular updates. The game has continued to grow over the years, with major narrative expansions and novel game systems keeping players engaged and entertained. It was also awarded Apple Arcade Game of the Year in 2020.

Make the most of the WHAT THE CAR? x Sassy Sasquatch crossover event by downloading the game by clicking on the link below. An ongoing Apple Arcade subscription is required to play.

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