What the Car? goes to the post-apocalyptic future with Episode 8: Sandstorm

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What the Car? goes to the post-apocalyptic future with Episode 8: Sandstorm
  • Things are getting furious in the new What the Car? Sandstorm update
  • Explore 21+ new levels and over an hour of playtime
  • New puzzles, power-ups and more await

What the Car? is an innovative and unusual racing game that puts you in the shoes (note: not the wheels) of a walking car. An Apple Arcade exclusive it's a pretty cutesy, all-ages title. So, naturally, it needs a Mad Max-flavored expansion!

What the Car?'s newest episode, Sandstorm, takes players to a familiar burnished orange wasteland full of honey-loving bears, spiky armour and even more loopy obstacles for you to race through.

You'll get an extra 21+ levels to play through and an estimated whole hour of playtime if you blaze your way through them. Just be sure to keep your pedal to the metal because this episode's main gimmick is the titular sandstorm that's always hot on your heels!

Oh what a day, what a lovely day
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Yes, it's no coincidence (we assume) that this update comes at the same time as a new Mad Max film. But then there's far worse inspirations you can take for any car-based game than George Miller's saga of post-apocalyptic road rage. 

With plenty of new power-ups on show in the trailer above, new enemies to encounter and a whole host of quirky puzzles, we think that this expansion should be very encouraging for Apple Arcade aficionados who are excited to see more What the Car? content.

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