Tower of God: New World introduces new teammate and The Murder on the Express Train event

Ha Jinsung isn't called the Ancient Monster for no reason

Tower of God: New World introduces new teammate and The Murder on the Express Train event
  • Recruit a new teammate with Ha Jinsung, a fresh addition to the line-up of Tower of God
  • A new event, Murder on the Express Train seems him team up with Ha Yura
  • Solve mysteries, get rewards and more in a limited-time event

Tower of God: New World, the hit collectible RPG from Netmarble is set to introduce a brand new character. The newly added fierce assassin Ha Jinsung is a former martial arts instructor for Karaka and Jue Viole Grace, who turned his back on his family to focus on his own goals.

You'll be able to meet this devious guy before recruiting him in the new event Murder on the Express Train, which features him and fellow teammate Ha Yura teaming up to solve an Agatha Christie-style murder on a moving train. If you're curious whether they are both in meta or not, take a look at the ToG New World tier list of characters.

The latest update also adds new outfits for Ha Jinsung, Ha Yura, Data Zahard and Child Endorsi. And you'll be able to earn exclusive rewards based on participating in story events around the murder mystery plotline, getting Normal Summon Tickets, SSR Soulstones and more!

Murder on the Netmarble express
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It's not unusual for games to riff on existing concepts, still, we do find it interesting Ha Jinsung is introduced in what seems to be a pastiche of an Agatha Christie novel. Still, for someone who's seemingly not the nicest of blokes, we can't think of a more fitting introduction.

The Murder on the Express Train event runs from now through to June 5th! But don't fret if you miss out because the upcoming events during and just after this offer some great rewards too.

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