Watcher of Realms releases new update featuring Lovar and Seraphina as new characters

New game modes and questlines available too

Watcher of Realms releases new update featuring Lovar and Seraphina as new characters
  • Lovar becomes the second Piercer class character
  • Seraphina is gorgeous mage with high single-target damage
  • New main quest and game mode added as well

Moonton continues to expand the roster of characters in Watcher of Realms, as two more powerful heroes join the fantasy RPG. Lovar the marksman and Seraphina the mage will be welcomed alongside a new questline as well as a new Gear Dungeon II game mode.

Watcher of Realms’ latest hero is Lovar, a lord who is the second addition to the Piercer faction. This sharpshooter can easily break through several enemies at once with his multi-strike abilities and apply defence penetration on them. Lovar is a great asset for several modes including Guild Bosses and the Arena.

archer shooting blades on an orc

Next up is Seraphina, who is known for her nimble nature and grace. Don’t fall for her beauty as she will blast you to bits thanks to her high damage her second. Seraphina finds best use against Guild Bosses and in Single-Target Arenas as she excels at dealing individual damage. Plus, she’s the perfect addition to your Esoteria Order squad.

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Seraphina will have a 15x Rate Up between May 17th and 20th, while Lovar’s run will be between the 18th and 20th. This lines up perfectly with the release of the new main quest which releases on May 21st. After completing Chapter 17 of Path of Destiny, you can play New Odyssey, which grants numerous skins as well as a legendary hero on completion.

mermaid with magical blue powers

A day later, on the 22nd, Gear Dungeon II goes live, featuring Mythic and Variant Gear as rewards. It’ll last for a month, giving you ample time to rake in all the goodies. June holds a lot in store as well and you can expect the introduction of several new events, heroes, and game modes in a few weeks.

Get ready to enjoy all the new content by downloading Watcher of Realms now for free. Visit the official website for more information.

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