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Watcher of Realms guide - Tips for beginners

Watcher of Realms guide - Tips for beginners

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Do you want to learn all the latest Watcher of Realms tips and tricks? We've got everything that you need to know about the game in the Watcher of Realms guide. We have played the game for some time, and it's safe to say that we've learned a lot of things that every player should be aware of - some of which we've learned the hard way.

Playing this game feels like a weirdly pleasant cross between Arknights, Langrisser, and Raid: Shadow Legends, and if you're familiar with any of the titles, then you know this can only be praise. There is a lot of content players can enjoy throughout the game, and the best part is that most of the things you can do in Watcher of Realms don't even require you to spend a dime!

All character upgrades can be done completely for free if you allocate your resources right, and you won't actually "need" to acquire specific units to pass a level, as long as you level up and promote them enough.

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But before we dive right into the Watcher of Realms guide, let's get one thing straight:

Is Watcher of Realms p2w?

Just like every other gacha out there, those players who do decide to spend some money in the game will get a ton of benefits, and rightfully so. There is a battle pass, there are Diamonds, and there are a plethora of other resources you can acquire if you decide to purchase some promo packs.

Are they all worth it, though?

Most of the resources can be acquired by just playing every single day and depleting all of your daily Stamina pool. The process is not super fast, but the end result is pretty much the same. The only resource that is not that easily available is the summon stone, but we'll cover ways to acquire this further in the guide.

So, the conclusion would be that if you want to propel your way through the game and acquire tons of units (many of which are high-quality), then spending some money will get you there. It will also give you plenty of resources, but if you don't really feel like spending your money on the game, then you're not missing out.

So without further ado, let's check all the Watcher of Realms tips and tricks we've got for you!

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Tip #1 - Rush to acquire your first 880 Gems

One of the very first things you could do is save up all of your Gems to do the 10x summon. You will have a chance to get some pretty decent heroes, and that can make a huge difference early on in the game. You can collect Gems in a number of ways, from daily and weekly quests to various new player missions and even Achievements.

You should save them all for the summons, and not spend them recklessly on shop rerolls and useless items. The only thing that is worth getting for Gems in the shop is the summon stone and some of the rarer items such as weapons/equipment or good heroes.

After you have acquired your first 880 Gems, you will probably have at least one new higher-quality hero, which is going to give you a big helping hand moving forward (especially if that hero is in the higher tiers of our tier list).

Tip #2 - Check out the Black Market

The Black Market is essentially the game's free shop - the one where you can spend your Gold on various items and resets regularly. Here you have a chance to get heroes, summon stones and all sorts of equipment and weapons for your heroes.

The items come priced in both Gems and Gold, and we recommend that you always check it out and use all the free refresh attempts to refill the shop as well.

Some of the best items you should always purchase are as follows:

  • The heroes on the first row (with Gold)
  • Equipment of purple quality or higher
  • Summon stones

You should also unlock some of the other slots by using Gems because these are a one-time-only unlock and it's always good to have more options available. Eventually, you should unlock all of the shop slots.

Tip #3 - Join a Guild!

Guilds play an important role in Watcher of Realms, and they are not only a community where players can help each other out but also a place to acquire lots and lots of useful items to boost your heroes and help you advance. We recommend that you join a guild as soon as you can, even if it's not a very popular one or a high-ranking one.

The best would be to start out with a fairly small one, which is mainly beginner-friendly. There most players will help each other out with tips and are a bit more lenient when it comes to completing the dailies and donations. Of course, you should do these every day regardless, but at the very start you won't be able to do a lot of damage to the boss, and higher-ranking guilds usually take that into account.

After you've reached a certain point in the game, you can start to look for a different one, but keep in mind that it might be better to add the leader or other members of the higher-ranking guild as friends before and discuss with them before joining. That way you won't leave your current guild without anything else lined up.

Tip #4 - Learn your heroes' capabilities

Every hero depending on their class will have a pattern and range of attack. Of course, there are several exceptions to the rule, but for the most part, all of the heroes of the same trait have a similar attack range. You don't have to learn exactly what it is for all of them - just have a general idea so you can deploy the right heroes for each stage (depending on what enemies you'll have to face).

You can always check the pattern of attack before deployment, and set them up in such a way that will cover the area best - again, based on the incoming enemies.

Keep in mind that the attack pattern of characters can change when you ascend them, increasing by a few tiles. This can come in handy quite a bit, so you can try to keep your resources to upgrade the heroes that will have the exact pattern you like once upgraded, and focus on these.

Tip #5 - Hero's Path should be your priority

After you start the game, you will receive a questline called "Hero's Path". This is an amazing option that rewards you with a lot of resources, and in the end, with a powerful 5* hero, Volka. You should do these quests as soon as you can because they will allow you to progress at a fairly quick pace, as well as introduce you to all the game's content types.

There are a total of 18 chapters, each one containing at least 9 missions. From all of the completed missions, you will receive a reward, including Gems, EXP, and hero upgrade materials. Complete these missions as quickly as possible because the sooner you get Volka, the sooner you can add her to your team and start upgrading her.

Tip #6 - Complete dungeons and raids

There are a lot of dungeons and raids available in the game, and having enough Stamina to do everything multiple times a day can sometimes be difficult. Completing the story stages will take quite a lot of Stamina, and if you want to do a lot of raids and Tides, you will need to come up with a strategy.

From the daily missions, you will get some Stamina back, and if you want to complete as many of these as possible, you should complete all these dailies.

The most important things you should do are the Tide and the right Raids for your MAIN heroes - the ones you use the most. There is obviously no point in farming for materials you don't actively need. If you want the best use of your Stamina, use it for the right raids.

Tip #7 - Upgrade your best heroes

At the very beginning, you will not have a lot of characters to choose from, but soon enough you will be able to summon plenty of times and try to increase your roster. We recommend that you only upgrade 5 or 6 of which are your best. The reason you need at least 5 is for the main team, while the rest are entirely up to you.

You'll need more heroes for the Tide (where you can deploy quite a lot more) but these don't have to be upgraded to the fullest - at least not from the beginning. The best way to upgrade your main heroes is to level them all up equally, just enough to be stronger than the enemies you're facing. Then, you should spend most of your resources on promoting and awakening them.

That's actually where most of their strength comes from. Levelling up the skills is also great, but for the higher rarity heroes, that is going to be a little bit tough because you'll need considerable progress in the Tide.

Keep the lower rarity heroes as fodder to upgrade your strong ones, and always make sure to prioritise the heroes you need the most for completing the story mode.

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