Vampire Survivor's Whiteout update sets the scene for Christmas 2023

Vampire Survivor's Whiteout update sets the scene for Christmas 2023

October is a time of spooky updates as all games are usually gearing up for Halloween. The developers at poncle seem to be thinking about the future as they’ve just released an exciting Christman-themed update for Vampire Survivors. Titled Whiteout, this snowy update will help players get into the festive spirit with a new character, weapon, achievements, and lots more.

It’s a great time to announce this update as Vampire Survivors just crossed over a whopping 200,000 positive reviews on Steam. It still has an Overwhelmingly Positive response at 98%, making it the third-highest-rated Steam game of all time. The patch is available on all major platforms except the Nintendo Switch, where it should go live pretty soon.

It comes with a new level called Whiteout that takes place on a map completely covered by snow. Accompanying the stage is, naturally, a frosty character, the icy cool warrior, She-Moon Eeta. There’s also the new Glass Fandango weapon which launches spikes made out of ice and a character evolution.

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In addition, players can also use two more relics to get a new PowerUp and morph into a fan-favourite character. Six more achievements join the fray and players can go after them while vibing to the new Remedy in the Snow music track.

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Commenting about the update, Geo Morgan, senior marketing manager at poncle said: “There’s always one thing that comes to mind when October comes around,’ said poncle founder and real life Italian Luca Galante. ‘Christmas, of course! It’s only two months until the big day. I hope this patch helps all our players get in the snowy festive spirit! We also always try to listen to our fans from all over the globe and recently found out that we have 2 active players in Antarctica, actual true fact! This update is for you!”

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