Cookie Run: Kingdom introduces Fettuccine Cookie and a new story event in latest update

Cookie Run: Kingdom introduces Fettuccine Cookie and a new story event in latest update

Devsisters has just released a brand new update for Cookie Run: Kingdom, which brings a bunch of novel content to the popular RPG. Players can expect to find a new Epic Cookie, more Magic Candy to power up their favourite Cookie, and a couple of in-game events to participate in.

Kicking things off is episode 18 of Cookie Run: Kingdom’s storyline. It has been titled Goddess of Eternal Gold and is currently available in the World Exploration Mode. Players will find themselves in the Golden City, a magical paradise full of riches. This new region can be explored with GingerBrave and the others. Once they’re cleared in the story mode, players can visit all the places on the Bear Jelly Balloon.

As for the new character, Fettuccine Cookie joins the fray as an Epic Defence Cookie who battles in the front of the squad. Her skill is called Unstable Fettuccine and it does exactly what the name suggests. The Cookie uses her humongous fettuccine arms to smack enemies down, making them more prone to earth damage. This is followed by a Fettuccine Wraps buff which lowers enemy attack and restores the HP of surrounding teammates.

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Another Cookie in focus is the Black Raisin Cookie, who now has her own Magic Candy. It boosts her critical damage which further allows the Cookie to deal greater area damage when a critical hit happens. Check out how these Cookies stack up against the rest in this Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list!

Finally, a new season of Error Busters is also going live. The second season comes with an entirely new roster of Cookies and several challenges. Players have been tasked with increasing the Golden Cheese Kingdom’s riches by trading goods in order to earn rewards like Golden Cheese Cookie Soulstones, Light of Abundance, and the Cookie herself.

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