Vampire Survivors is introducing new Adventures mode in upcoming version 1.8 update

Vampire Survivors is introducing new Adventures mode in upcoming version 1.8 update

After last month's early Christmas-themed update, poncle is back with another thrilling patch for their casual horror game, Vampire Survivors. Version 1.8 is set to introduce the Adventures mode to the smash-hit indie title which allows players to embark on a series of wacky side quests.

Vampire Survivors’ Adventures mode is essentially a remixed version of the main game. Players will still be part of the bizarre and whimsical world of Vampire Survivors but the questlines will be self-contained. They revolve around different members of the Survivors crew and culminate in a grand finale.

Adventures will be divided into chapters that have set-ups and winning conditions, which slowly build on the overarching lore. No progress will be carried over and players will have to start from scratch. There will be an entirely new arsenal of weapons to choose from that will come in handy while clearing customized challenges.

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Version 1.8 will release with a few Adventures quests, but more will be added periodically. Two will launch for the base game while the Legacy of the Moonspell Adventure is exclusively for DLC owners. In the future, these stories will be part of both free updates and DLCs, each adding an hour or two of gameplay.

Speaking about the update, poncle lead Luca Galante, said: “We are having a lot of fun making Vampire Survivors bigger and adding content. But with Adventures we wanted to add something a little different that players at all levels can engage with, from newcomers to veteran garlic enjoyers. We hope the fans love this new way to play Vampire Survivors and the extremely deep lore drops that come with it!”

Vampire Survivors’ Adventures mode should release soon on PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and mobile. Download the game using your preferred link below. It is free-to-play with in-app purchases.

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