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Vampire Survivors: Stage Killers hide a secret

Everything you need to know to find and kill 6000 Stage Killers and unlock a secret character

Vampire Survivors: Stage Killers hide a secret

Vampire Survivors has a bunch of rewards tied to levelling certain weapons, reaching certain milestones, and killing certain enemies like Stage Killers. That last one is a big one and worthy of this very guide since you’ll need to find and kill a whopping 6000 of this enemy in order to unlock the associated reward. What is that reward, you may ask? Read on to find out!

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Stage Killers' location in Vampire Survivors

Stage Killers are a special enemy that appears in the fifth stage, Cappella Magna. Beginning to appear around the 21-minute and 26-minute marks alongside the Colossal Eyeball boss, they appear as alternately coloured versions of playable characters, totalling 16 different versions. The tricky part is their health and damage are tied to the player’s level, so the higher level you are, the harder they will be to kill.

You’ll also come across Elite Stage Killers, a stronger version of Stage Killers that will randomly spawn alongside its weaker variations.

How do you unlock Cappella Magna?

Of course, you’ll need to reach Cappella Magna, to begin with. To unlock the stage, you’ll need to complete the Lunar Eclipse event and collect the Yellow Sign Relic. The Lunar Eclipse event begins once you complete the Moonglow bonus stage by surviving longer than 15 minutes. You’ll be teleported to another stage, Holy Forbidden, which contains the Yellow Sign Relic once completed.

What do you get for killing 6000 Stage Killers?

Vampire Survivors: killing 6000 stage killers reward screen

It’s good that Stage Killers appear in such huge waves because you’ll need to kill 6000 of them for one of the game’s unlocks. Luckily, this is per-save and culminates over multiple runs, so keep running Cappella Magna and you’ll reach that lofty goal eventually.

Killing 6000 Stage Killers will unlock the character Sir Ambrojoe for purchase. Sir Ambrojoe costs 500 gold to unlock, but for a character who looks so dapper and gentlemanly, we’d say he’s worth it. Sir Ambrojoe gets more projectiles every 20 levels (max+3) and starts with a temporary Amount bonus of +10, losing 2 every level until level 6, then gaining +1 every 20 levels.

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