PlayStation Classic's unboxing shows off just how tiny it is

With 20 classics on the roster, will it be worth it though?

PlayStation Classic's unboxing shows off just how tiny it is

As I'm sure you know by now, the PlayStation Classic is on its way to retail on December 3rd. We know it'll be a smaller version of the original PlayStation, but now, thanks to Sony's unboxing, we can see just how tiny it is and what you get with it for £89/$99.

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Like Nintendo and SEGA's teeny consoles, the PlayStation Classic is Sony's love letter to the PlayStation One almost 24 years after its release in Japan. It'll come pre-loaded with 20 iconic games, the whole list of which you can see here, which include Metal Gear Solid, Destruction Derby, and Resident Evil.

In the unboxing released on PlayStation's YouTube channel earlier today, we get a decent look at the console - confirming that it is in fact about 45% smaller - and that we get two original controllers with it as well. Thankfully, these controllers will have reasonably sized leads so you won't have to be sitting right next to the TV, hurrah! You'll also get a 2M-long HDMI cable as well as a USB cable for power.

Fans' reactions to the video range from positive to negative, with a lot of watchers commenting on the games PlayStation Classic has left out of its list. What do you guys think? With release so close, will you be investing in this micro-console? Let us know in those comments below.