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University Empire Tycoon tips and tricks

University Empire Tycoon tips and tricks

Here are some of the must-know University Empire Tycoon tips and tricks

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Today we will discuss important University Empire Tycoon tips and tricks that will help you progress quickly in the game.

University Empire Tycoon is a mobile idle game developed and published by Codigames. In the game, you take on the job of the college Dean whose aim is to expand the campus, provide the best courses to students, and develop world-class facilities inside the campus premises. The game is available on Android and iOS!

Take a look at some of the University Empire Tycoon tips and tricks that can help you educate those students and run the university like a real dean!

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Prioritize Unlocking all departments ASAP

As a beginner, your aim should be to unlock all the departments such as Maths, Economics, Sports, Philosophy and so forth as soon as possible. More departments mean more students, which generates more cash and helps you progress quickly.

Never exceed your energy limits

Each building on the campus consumes energy. The campus has a maximum consumption limit, after which you will be charged money for the electricity bill. It's always better to increase your maximum energy consumption limit rather than paying for the electric bill as it is charged on an hourly basis. So whenever you are getting close to maximizing the energy consumption limit, upgrade the max cap. It doesn't even cost much.

It's business, increase your tuition earnings

In the game, you will generate cash based on the grants and tuition fees. Grants are something that the game automatically calculates, but you can increase your tuition fee by upgrading facilities and constructing new campus buildings. You can also increase the tuition earnings by completing a few types of research like 'Economic' in the research lab.

University Empire Tycoon earnings

You can hire professors at a lower cost

When you are hiring new professors, you will see an amount on your screen. It is what the professor has demanded. But just as in real life, you can negotiate and hire them at a much lower salary - sometimes even 60-80% less than what they initially demanded.

Keep an eye on your cash figures

The game has a cap on the maximum amount of cash you can hold. So make sure you don't overflow it. For example, if your cash is full, then spend it on upgrading something then only collect rewards from achievements of competitions or else you will lose all this money. Also, make sure to upgrade your maximum cash limit when you feel the need to do so - it can be simply done by upgrading the Dean's building or by completing the 'Safe Deposits boxes' research.

Use diamonds to complete the short duration constructions quickly

As you play the game, you will gather a good amount of diamonds. Never use these diamonds to hire professors, always use them to finish the short duration construction instantly. This way, you can complete 6-7 constructions every time you open the game. And when you are about to close the game, start a construction takes a long time to complete, say 6 hours or 12 hours.

Upgrade buildings based on the quests

The fastest way to progress in the game is by completing the quests, as it will reward you a massive sum of cash, which you can then use to upgrade buildings on your campus. Make sure you always check the achievements tab regularly and upgrade buildings accordingly.

University Empire Tycoon Ip on how to handle quests

That concludes our University Empire Tycoon tips and tricks. Make sure to take note of all these tips and tricks, and you are sure to do better the very next time you open the game.

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